WP Theme Review: WP Premium

Following the success of his first premium WordPress theme WP Remix dubbed as the “master theme”, R. Bhavesh was inspired to create and share this free WordPress theme called WP Premium.

With the slow but steady success of The WordPress Master Theme – WP Remix, I am inspired to release a free but quality WordPress theme. And as promised few days back, The WP Premium theme is going public today. “WordPress Premium” is an elegantly designed, 2/3 column, feature packed, widget ready theme that comes with three color-scheme options.

Basic features:

  • Comes bundled with 3 color-scheme options
  • Separate css for layout and color.
  • Multiple Search option with Tabber Functionality
  • RSS e-mail subscription form
  • 2 and 3 Column sidebar
  • Three 100X100 pixel ad blocks in sidebar.
  • Easy Editable, Light weight, Strategic Code
  • SEO Optimized
  • W3C Valid
  • Table Less Coded
  • Optimized XHTML code
  • Short Hand CSS


WP Premium Brown version
WP Theme WP Premium

If you want to change the color scheme of WP Premium, all you need to do is open the style.css file in your text editor and look for this line @import url("style-RED.css");. Default value is RED and you can change the value to “black” or “brown” depending on what color scheme you want to use.

My Take:
WP Premium is definitely an elegantly designed theme and I’m sure many WordPress users would love to use this theme because it’s widget ready, it has 3 color schemes and it’s FREE. The WP Premium theme has space for 125×125 banner ads and includes a tabber functionality for search, archives and categories that not only saves space but also makes it easy for the user to navigate and search for blog contents. Even though the WP Premium theme is free, it’s design and functionality wasn’t compromised. It has all the elements that most users look for in a WordPress theme.

This theme truly lives up to its name and deserves to be called WP Premium. Great work Mr. Bhavesh! Looking forward to more free premium-quality WordPress themes from you. I give this theme a 4 out of 5.

Preview or Download the WP Premium theme for WordPress.

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  1. @Lucato – What version of the theme are you using? I think the one I used for the screenshot is an old version and from what I know, the author has released a newer version with some changes to the layout/design. If you want to edit the size/width of the sidebar, you can do that by tweaking the style.css file.

    Regarding the plugin that shows the flags, OS and web browser, I’m using the Comment Info Detector and the live comment preview comes with the WMD Editor plugin.

    You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. One more, I don’t know if you want to share, but I liked your comments plug-in/module that shows the flags, number of clicks, live comment prview and so on. Would you mind to share if it is a plugin or not and if so, what is the name of it?
    Thanks again.

  3. Yup, it is a great work indeed. I’m using it. The black style for one language and red one for the second language. Jaypee, just a doubt came up while reading your post. I saw that in your screenshot the 125×125 ads are in 3 columns while mine are just 2. Any idea where and how to change the width of the sidebar to get the 3 columns ad?

  4. You're right. I was looking for a three-column wordpress theme, in Google, and I landed right on your wordpress theme category, and so I got into this old post.

    Anyway, I ended up not using this theme. I settled for one of those with minimalist designs. I had to get one that lets me have a white background and a simple white background header.

  5. @Gem – Hehe you did? So did you get here using the “three column themes” keyword or was it something else? Glad I could help you with this theme review.

    Thanks for letting me know about it. :)

  6. Told you, I've landed on these three-column themes via Google! Anyway, I've been looking for Web 2.0 themes, because these are now what clients are looking for. Thanks!

    I'm also off to try this WP Premium theme, if it fits a religious blog I'm customizing right now.

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