WP Theme Review: Resurrection

Resurrection is an aesthetically pleasing, 3-column WordPress theme from Vikiworks Studio. The author, Yichi is a Web/UI Developer from Beijing, China. This theme is not your ordinary public theme because it was originally designed to be used in his own blog. But for some reason, he was generous enough to make a slightly modified version and offer it to the public for free.

As I promised you earlier that I will release my current WP theme (I call it ‘resurrection’ and you can call it whatever you like) to public download. Well… here it is.

I have removed some of my personal stuff such as my cellphone, PSP, Yankee hat etc from background image instead of something else, you can change it in anyway by doing a little photoshop work.

Basic features:

  • 3 columns
  • Twitter tweets section
  • Tag cloud
  • Custom icons

WP Theme Resurrection

My Take:
Resurrection is definitely an eye candy. I’ve always admired the author’s blog design and layout and was surprised to find out that he was offering the theme for free. I love this theme! I love that it has 3 columns and its sidebars are designed to accommodate all the necessary stuff including advertisements. I also love the custom icons.

Although this theme is beautiful and well designed, IMO it does have a few “flaws”. First is, Resurrection is not a widget-ready theme “yet”. I believe it won’t be long before the author or someone else will make it widget-ready. Second, the background image’s file size is very big, at least 110 KB each compared to a normal background image which is less than 10 KB in size. This can be an issue and make page loads slower for visitors who have slow Internet connections. Lastly, the Resurrection theme doesn’t work out of the box and requires the following plugins to be installed:

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior
  • WP-PageNavi
  • Twitter Tools
  • Feed Count

Although the author does include these plugins in the theme’s download package, the thing about it is that not all bloggers use Twitter or UTW. The theme won’t work if you don’t install these plugins. So if you don’t use the required plugins but still want to use the theme, you’ll have to do some code editing before you can use it.

Oh, one more thing. When I installed this theme in my sandbox, the Twitter Tools was messed up in Firefox but not in IE.

Btw, the package also includes 3 extra background images aside from the default background image. Overall, it’s still a very nice theme and I give the Resurrection a rating of 4 out of 5. Thank you Yichi for sharing this theme with us!

Preview or download the Resurrection theme for WordPress.

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  1. The only problem is the fact that it doesn’t support widgets – so all sidebar modifications would have to be done through the sidebar.php file, which I really couldn’t be bothered with. If it wasn’t for that, I would be using it right now.

  2. @jhay – Cool! Let me know when you’ve launched your new blog. :)

    I think I’m gonna work on that too so I won’t have any problems later when I do the upgrade to WP 2.3. I’ll probably do it on my sandbox. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve downloaded this theme a few days ago. I’m going to use it for a new blog I’m launching in the coming weeks. :mrgreen:

    I’m currently tweaking with it to work with WP 2.3 so that I won’t have to use the UTW plugin.

    Yep, I’m dropping the good ol plugin when WP 2.3 comes out. My test-run on WP 2.3 RC1 has helped learn the ropes of the new WP without UTW. So far, everything’s looking good.

  4. @Beng – Thanks for mentioning that. This theme doesn’t use “if (function_exists)” that’s why I said you’ll have to do some editing with this theme if you’re not using the required plugins.

    The user either removes the code that calls the plugin or make use of “if (function_exists)”.

    About the tag, as much as I was avoiding being tagged I’ll still do it. :D

  5. wow nice theme indeed. regarding the plugins, if one uses this call “if (function_exists…” the theme would still function though.

    btw, i hope you don’t mind i tagged you. it’s about desktop :smile:

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