Pimp My WP Dashboard Part III

Previously in the first two episodes of Pimp My Dashboard, I featured the WP Tiger Admin and Spotmilk admin themes. Just recently, I came across another admin theme for WordPress.

This new admin theme is called NiceAdmin, created by Douglas Karr of The Marketing Technology Blog.

I got tired of the drab User Interface in WordPress Admin and decided to write this plugin. NiceAdmin was built from the SpotMilk Theme, the Milk theme by Max Rudberg, and its overall main layout remains based on the default admin theme that comes with WP 2.1. I utilized the graphics and colors from the WordPress website. The CSS was fine-tuned by Sean of Geek With Laptop.


NiceAdmin Dashboard

Write Post
NiceAdmin Write Post

NiceAdmin Presentation

NiceAdmin Plugins

My Take:

Compared to the WP Tiger Admin and Spotmilk, the NiceAdmin theme doesn’t really change anything except the colors of WordPress dashboard which is adapted from the WordPress site. However, if you prefer the original look of the WordPress dashboard and just want to change it’s colors, then NiceAdmin is for you. For me it doesn’t really have any difference with the default WordPress UI. Overall, I give it a 3 out of 5.

Check out the NiceAdmin admin theme for WordPress.

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  1. what i meant was what changed? hehe If there were changes, they were negligible. I hate the way the headlines used to tombstone their way in the default setting.

    Yellow tombstones?! Ugh. No thank you.

  2. @aldrin – Me too, I’ve been wanting to create a public WP theme but I don’t have that much time to do it. Maybe you can do it during weekends.

    I think that can be considered as a contribution since it’s a plugin for WordPress. :)

  3. exactly. I wanted to create a theme long before. just got no time for it. let's see now that I have a pc at home. :)

    Oh, I almost forgot. I've been part of some bug fixes of Duh Gallery. *I know it's not that cool gallery.

  4. @ash – I knew you'd say that..hehe Yeah, Douglas did a good job with NiceAdmin and for providing another option for WordPress users. How about coming up with your own WordPress theme? :D

  5. @K – I'm sure WP.com always uses the latest version of WordPress. Yeah, there's no plugin section in WP.com coz the features are limited and you have to buy credits to add stuff to your blog. I use the player plugin to embed audio files when needed. :D

  6. I think the hardest thing I have ever encountered during my 'hosting days' was to update a nice look on my Dashboard. In wp.com, it pretty much looks the same but I don't know which version they are using now. Except of course, the difference from the hosted dashboard vs wp.com dashboard is the plugin management page. I can see you have the player plugin, how come I don't see you playing some music around here? I forgot, this is a tech-blog. :)

  7. Hmmm. This looks good. But I think I still find Spotmilk's look nicer. But good to know we have another option! Thanks! :)

  8. @Douglas – Thank you! You did a good job with NiceAdmin even though it was just skinning the admin panel. You're welcome and thanks for dropping by. :)

    @jhay – It's the opposite for me. As long as WordPress doesn't change the design and layout of the admin panel, I'm gonna keep using Tiger Admin or Spotmilk.

    That's a cool hack! Maybe you can share it with us. :)

  9. I had it with changing admin themes. I did a hack though, I inserted a new section for my blogroll feed underneath the 'other wordpress news' section.

    Made reading my feeds a lot easier. ;)

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