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HowTo: Screen Capture with Mac OS X Lion

To replace the defective Lenovo U400, my wife decided to get a different computer instead of having Lenovo ship us a new unit. We ended up purchasing a 13″ Macbook Pro from BestBuy. This being

flashback trojan
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HowTo: Check/Fix Mac Infected w/ Flashback Trojan

According to Russian antivirus company Dr. Web, there are about 600,000 Macs around the world that are infected by different variations of the Flashback trojan and are now part of a fast-growing Mac botnet. Of

safari 4
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Safari 4: Browsing Made Beautiful. And Smart.

Yesterday, Apple released the public beta version of Safari 4 for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. According to Apple, Safari 4 is faster and “more innovative” than Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and


HowTo: Easiest Way to Install or Dual Boot Ubuntu on Windows

Previously, if you wanted to try or install or dual boot Ubuntu you’d have to use the live CD or create a partition on your computer with the latter being a daunting task for most

iphone 4g concept
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iPhone 4G Concept

Rumors of a next-generation iPhone have been all over the web the past few weeks and started when someone spotted an iPhone firmware referencing a certain “iPhone 2,1”. The original iPhone was referenced as 1,1,

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KidZui: Browser For Kids

UPDATE: As of June 13, 2008, Kidzui is now FREE. As a parent I was happy to read about this new browser for kids called KidZui. Although my kid is still too little to browse

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FeedDemon and NetNewsWire now FREE!

Earlier today, the folks at NewsGator announced that FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and all other RSS reader products are now available for FREE! Aside from that, all NewsGator products include free web-based synchronization to other services. With

dv warehouse
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DV Warehouse – Affordable Mac Computers

The Apple Macintosh computer which was first produced in 1984, was the first commercially successful computer to have a mouse and graphical user interface (GUI) instead of the command line interface. Present day models are


Joining the Linux Bandwagon

Previously, I was running Windows XP Home Edition on my Compaq Presario notebook. I had to limit the number of applications running because if not, it would become annoyingly slow. You see, my laptop has