FeedDemon and NetNewsWire now FREE!

Free FeedDemon and NetNewsWire

Earlier today, the folks at NewsGator announced that FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and all other RSS reader products are now available for FREE! Aside from that, all NewsGator products include free web-based synchronization to other services. With synchronization, users will be able to view their RSS content the same way no matter where or when they read it. Ain’t that neat?

Here’s a complete list of NewsGator’s products that are available free of charge:

  • FeedDemon (Windows)
  • NetNewsWire (Mac)
  • NewsGator Inbox
  • NewsGator Go for Windows Mobile
  • NewsGator Go for BlackBerry/Java, iPhone and HTML mobile apps
  • NewsGator Online.

I’ve always wanted to try FeedDemon but thought that the $29.95 price tag was a bit too much, so I ended up using other free alternatives like the Sage extension for Firefox, web-based Google Reader and later on Mozilla Thunderbird. Now that FeedDemon is free, I immediately downloaded and installed it on my laptop. Thanks Nick!

Btw, if you decide to download and install FeedDemon, NetNewsWire or any of NewsGator’s RSS clients don’t forget to subscribe to my feeds.

What do you think of this news about NewsGator offering their products for free? Do you use any of the products listed above? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

[image source: NewsGator]

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  1. @deuts – Really? Oh man, that sucks! Sorry bout that. Anyways, it’s only a couple of months left in your subscription and you were able to use it for a while so it’s not a total waste.

    Regarding your last question, here’s the answer of NewsGator CEO and President JB Holston:

    “We are uniquely positioned to drastically expand the community of people working with RSS content. The larger that community is, the more valuable the experience for every user and for all of our services customers. That insight has led us to undertake the significant investment to make all of our client products free.”

  2. Oh no! I’ve subscribed to Feeddemon 10 months ago, I paid 29.95 USD and now they’re offering it for free? It’s not that I’m not satisfied with their service. On the contrary I am. Yet, on my planned shift to Ubuntu, I intend to abandon Feeddemon after my subscription expires in March, as they only have products for PC and MAC.

    Nevertheless, this still could be good news. At least, I still always have that option. I just hope they keep the same level of service as they do to paying customers that I once was.

    I liked Feeddemon that it kept me wondering why there have not much competition (a free service, that is) in the desktop feed reader arena.

  3. Off Topic:

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