Top Blogs in the Philippines 2009

PinoyMoneyTalk (PMT) is one of the top blogs/forums in the Philippines and a great resource for people who would like to learn more about banking, trading, investing, and making money online and offline. Aside from blogging about those topics, James (the person behind PMT) also monitors and does a regular report/roundup of the top Philippine blogs according to Alexa rankings since 2008.

James’ latest update is the Top Blogs in the Philippines for 2009 which he published last month. I’ve been waiting for this update and checking in on PMT once in a while but somehow I managed to miss this update but anyways, I’m posting it here today to share it with you.

Below is the list of the Top Blogs in the Philippines for 2009
Top Blogs in the Philippines 2009

I’m happy to report that JaypeeOnline is one of the 10 biggest gainers in 2009. Moving up from #41 in 2008 to #16 in 2009 with a 53.6% increase from last year. This wouldn’t be possible without your continued support and I thank you guys for that!

Thanks again James for taking the time to collect all these data and compiling it into this list/update. If you would like to know more about this update visit Top Blogs in the Philippines — 2009. You can also check out the list of the Top 100 Blogs in the Philippines for 2009.

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  1. @Michael – If you know of any Pinoy blogs/bloggers who should be on the list, you can contact James of PinoyMoneyTalk and let him know about it. If they make the cut, I’m sure he’ll add them up in the next update.

  2. @reyjr – Thank you! Yup, good to see those friends on the list. Maybe next time, all Pinoy bloggers from P50 would be on the list too. :D

    Again, thank you and more power to you too!

  3. Awesome! Congatulations jaypee! :D I see other friends on the list too – @ditesco, @bloggista, @jehzlau and @crisiboy are on there.

    More power and keep writing. :)

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