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It’s spring. The weather is getting warmer, you’re getting rowdy, and there are battles to be won. You’re ready for rivalry and celebrations. That can mean only one thing: tailgate season.

I’m going to be honest here: I don’t know anything about sports, even though I grew up in football country in the South. I was, however, and still am a huge fan of tailgating. You get all of the fun of being with friends outside without all that yelling and screaming at the referees. The food’s also better.

But I’m getting off track, so let’s get back on topic: tailgating tech. I bet you didn’t know there was a name for all the gear you bring to the tailgate party. Well, you learn something new every day.

Tailgate tech makes these parties a blast. I’ve put together five of my favorite tech options for tailgating that I think you should consider bringing with you the next time you hit a game. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Drone


I know what you’re thinking: drones? Really? What does that have to do with tailgating?

Well, it has a lot to do with tailgating. With drones, you can have an aerial view of the festivities and maybe even get some cool shots to go along with your memories. And if you have a video-enabled drone, then you can capture the excitement of the party from a brand new perspective.

Drones are technical objects, but just about anyone can pilot one. And if you have your own drone, make sure you send a clear signal about which team you’re rooting for by sticking a drone skin with your team’s logo on the drone before sending it up into the air.

2. Grill


A tailgate party is nothing without food. That’s the only reason I ever make an appearance. Burgers, hot dogs, and tofu burgers for vegetarians can all be made on a portable grill. It can be a nostalgic experience, having burgers in the parking lot; it reminds me of the high school and college football games that I never actually attended because I was too busy eating the food and hanging with friends.

3. Cooler

If you have food, then you need to have a cooler, preferably one that can be hooked up to a power source (more on that in a second) to keep sodas and beers at the perfect temperature. And while old-school coolers can do the job, getting one that runs on a battery will make sure your beers are extra frosty. If you tailgate a lot, invest in one that can run on portable power because then you can avoid stacking your cooler with ice and make more room for your drinks. If you decide an ice chest is better for you, there are plenty of great coolers and skins for your cooler to show off your style.

4. Portable Power Pack

power bank

It goes without saying that if you use a fridge, drone, or cooker during a tailgate party, you’re going to need some extra power. You can get away with using an extra battery and an inverter, a gas generator, or even your car battery, so your options are endless for the big tech device you have.

But for your phone and other small portable devices, invest in a portable power pack. It’ll save you the agony of remembering at the last minute you left your charger at home and you can’t use your devices to keep up with the game or get goofy pictures of you and your friends.

Trust me on this one: get a portable power pack.

5. Camera


If you’re an active fan, or you’re just an athlete trying to blow off steam while your team rallies to win the big game, then a camera that can keep up with you a must-have item for tailgating.

Why do you need a camera? Because you and I both know those amazing things can happen at these parties, and you’re going to want to record all of it. And if the camera can keep up with you, then the pictures will be that much better.

I’d suggest a GoPro camera or something like it: small, easy to attach to you, and able to download your pictures to your laptop in a flash. The less time you spend figuring out if you got the perfect shot means more time enjoying the party. You can also spruce it up with some camera skins of your choice, which will help differentiate your camera from someone else’s.

This isn’t a complete list, of course, but these are five essential pieces of tech for any tailgate party. If you have at least three, you’re guaranteed a good time and will even have the pictures to prove it happened. See you at the next tailgate party!

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