4 Best SEO Tactics For Attorneys

SEO Tactics Attorney

Law firms and even attorneys no longer come with fancy buildings and offices – unless you’re living in New York, that is!

However, no matter the visual branding that an attorney approaches, it is clear that they must be present online as well. Nowadays, the online environment is the best and recommended tool to use to promote your business.

As such, you may be an attorney who just published their website and is ready to become somewhat famous online or at least find more clients. Having a website is not enough – there’s content, and there’s SEO as well!

This is why today, we’ll be showing you 4 SEO tactics that attorneys need to be using to boost their career in the online environment!

Targeting Keywords for your Niche

As an attorney, you’re most likely proficient in a certain area of the law. In this case, when targeting keywords, you should pick the ones that fit your niche.

For example, people in need of an attorney for their issue won’t just search for “attorneys” – they will do more specific searches. For example, if you’re a DUI attorney, you’d be better off targeting keywords such as “DUI attorney”, “OUI”, and so on.

Make Use of Content

As you probably already know, content on your website/platform must be SEO-optimized. This means that there are special SEO strategies that can be used within content.

SEO-optimized content is created by relying on high-intent topics, such as questions or general queries that you are likely to receive in your area as a lawyer. For example, a blog post titled “how can a DUI attorney help you” will definitely drive traffic to your website and build your authority.

Backlinks are probably the best way to let Google know that your website can be trusted and improve its ranking. But – how can you do that?

Backlinks imply other websites linking to your website. For example, an article on DUIs may link to your “how can a DUI attorney help you” article, thus making your website look trustworthy.

However, keep in mind that link building strategies are viable when you produce original and highly valuable content. This is why, regardless of your niche or practice area, you should try to cover topics that are not seen a lot online.

Getting Client Reviews

Client reviews are a must when you try to promote your business online. As most SEO strategies imply, building trust and credibility for your website, it goes without saying that reviews are ideal.

Therefore, have your current clients leave some reviews on your website. However, make sure that you have an easy-to-use template for them to use and that the reviews are visible on your website’s main page.

The Bottom Line

If you’re fairly new to this online world, you may think that proper SEO strategies are only done by agencies and whatnot. However, the ones mentioned above can be approached by any attorney who wants to promote themselves online.

Also, keep in mind that SEO is mostly based on good content and proper use of keywords! If you master the two, then it won’t be long until you surpass your online competitors!

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