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Make the Most of Technology for an Easier Life

We live in a technological age and almost every day there’s something new to take advantage of. Technology has changed the world around you and your everyday existence in countless different ways. There is a lot of speculation at the moment about AI and robotics and this is causing many people to think that technology is a bad thing.

As with most things, there are good and bad things to consider when looking at technology, however, the benefits far outweigh any downside. Technology has made a life for the average person far easier and more secure. Living is more convenient and enjoyable and thanks to technology we now lead more comfortable lives. If you’re feeling a little skeptical, here are some of the ways in which technology has made your life easier.



Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to communicate instantly with people anywhere in the world. Not so long ago, the only way to keep in touch would have been to send a letter, not the most instant form of communication. Nowadays, you simply pick up your smartphone and send a text message or turn on your laptop and send an email. Whether you need to get in touch with someone for business or speak to your family in another country, you can do it instantly. As well as speaking with people directly you can also share experiences by taking photographs using a digital camera and uploading them so that they can be attached to an email. Alternatively, you can use the camera on your smartphone or laptop and see the person you’re speaking to.


It’s possible to find out anything you want to know using the internet. If you want to know who was the longest-serving Canadian president, you simply type your question into one of the many search engines. As well as finding out information to help your learning experience, you can now attend online courses and gain qualifications without having to leave home.

Data Saving

In the world of business, companies would have to file information about their customers manually. As you can imagine, this made it very difficult for anything to be found again. It was also a very time-consuming method of storage. Turn the clock forward to today, and now you can use a computer to save data and retrieve it. With just one click of the mouse, you can find customer information including date of birth, address, and much more.

Being able to store data electronically is also much safer as the information is protected from damage.

It’s also possible for you to access information about yourself much easier. For example, it’s very easy to check your credit report online. If it’s not looking too rosy, there is always the option of applying for credit cards for bad debt. If it weren’t for the internet and electronic data storage, this sort of information wouldn’t be available.


While it was always very exciting to learn about new places when you were a kid by flicking through an atlas, the internet has suddenly made the whole world accessible. From anywhere in the world you can view what’s going on in a particular place, find out all the information you need to know, and how to get to your chosen location. Install apps such as Google Earth Maps and you’ll be able to find the way to any location you choose.

Improved Healthcare

There are so many changes that have been made in healthcare thanks to technology that they’d fill more than one book. A few that are worth a mention here include the apps and wearables people can use to monitor their blood sugar levels, pulse rate, and much more. Patients can communicate with doctors directly as well as be more aware of certain medical conditions that might affect them.

Online Shopping

Safer Online Shopping Experience

There’s a lot of talk about cybercrime, and of course, this is something we all need to be aware of. There are, however, many ways you can protect yourself when shopping online. There are apps you can download that store credit card and other personal information in one secure location. This then allows users to make payments using their phone or online using their fingerprint as validation.
Thanks to technology, we can now do the majority of our shopping without having to worry about driving anywhere. Shop online for your weekly groceries and have them delivered to your door.

Working from Home

How many of you reading this enjoy being able to work from home? How many of you would be able to do it if it wasn’t for technology? There are many benefits to working from home. These include reducing your carbon footprint because you don’t have to commute to work. You save money on gasoline, and there’s far less chance of being involved in an automobile accident. In the US alone, 45% of employees can now telecommute. The advantages are many including less stress, increased productivity, and happier workers.

Answers All Your Questions

Nowadays, you can find out about anything you want. How many times have you been involved in a debate about something and not had the information available at your fingertips to settle the dispute? There are no such issues today because it’s possible to find out the answers online. Admittedly, there may be some conflicting information provided, but it’s usually fairly easy to sort out the truth from the lies.

One last benefit that’s worth mentioning is how technology has brought families together. Thanks to emails, texting, Facetime, Skype and social networking sites people from all over the world can stay in touch. Technology has brought people together that previously might have struggled to stay connected. Some studies are actually showing that there is a 10% increase in the closeness of family and friends thanks to Facebook. It’s not just Facebook either. Families can keep in touch, even hold family gatherings online thanks to platforms such as Skype.

This list just scratches the surface of the variety of ways in which technology makes your life easier.

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