The Software Behind the Online Casino Games

Software Online Casino Games

The online gaming industry has experienced a great transformation over the past two decades. The software evolved from 2D to the latest 3D graphics. Nowadays, online casino games come with great audio and video features that give players a much more exciting experience. It is not surprising that the online gambling industry contributes to the highest revenue percentage around the world. Online casinos do not develop games on their own, but partner with third-party software companies which then provide them with a broad selection of top games.

Types of Software

There are four main types of available online casino software. The first type is the downloadable version that requires you to download and install the software on your tablet, desktop, or mobile device. The second one is called the “no download” or “flash-based” type because there is no need to download software packages in order to play. The third type of software represents mobile software. This one can be downloaded as a form of application offered at the provided app stores.  Last, but not least, is the live casino software that lets you stream games from a land-based casino or a studio. The essential feature worth mentioning about live casino software is how it contributes to the fairness and safety of the game.

No download Online Casino software

This type of gaming software is the most common on the market. The software used by online casinos is operated using the RNG (Random Number Generators) and regulated by international gaming bodies. This way, chances to win are completely random and fair play is ensured. You are not required to download software on your device in order to play. All games are available and easy to access online through browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This type of online casino game is favored by many players because they offer amazing graphic experience and run smoothly across different devices.

One of the most played online casino games is the slot games. Even though the themes and rules do not differ much from the land-based slots game, their interactive design and excellent graphics animation make them the most favorite among the players. A specific example is the Starburst slot game that offers an amazing experience in terms of design and features.

Downloadable Online Casino Software

As the name says, these games require you to download software on your desktop, mobile, or tablet. They are available through different casino websites where you are required to download the gaming package in order to play. These games tend to be high-quality compared to ones available in instant play mode. Also, they load fast and have stunning sound effects that make them more engaging. However, today’s players are not keen on the moment to download a particular game but want seamless two-click online access to different games.

Mobile Casino Software

Most of us own smartphones, as they have become very affordable these days and are used for a wide range of activities. Today, casino software developers shifted to creating games that are optimized to work on mobile devices. HTML5 has made it possible to create games that can be played both on Android and iOS powered devices. With small adjustments in the code such as configuring graphics, these games fit any smartphone screen.

Live Casino Software Technology

This type of software technology advances with great speed. Today, you are able to stream casino games in real-time and this is the latest innovation in the world of gambling. Statistics show that a significant percentage of players opt-in for live casino games rather than the traditional RNG.

Tackling the Software Security Question

This is a very sensitive subject. Some people considered that online casinos do not provide top security and are often the target of hackers and data leakage. In order to change this impression, gaming sites adopted the latest security measures and data encryption protocols.

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols are used by reputable industries including banks and are a fundamental piece of tech used in the online casino industry. Integrated into 128- or 256-bit software, SSLs encrypt the important information inputted into a gaming profile like personal, financial, and login details. The security of SSL is enhanced even further when casinos offer different options for depositing like virtual wallets.

There are a lot of things said about the future of online gaming and Virtual Reality is one of them. With VR and AR developing rapidly these past 4 years, there is no doubt that online casino software will undergo yet more rapid development in order to offer more immersive and sensory experiences on the go. 

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