Why Everyone Will Have a Portable Projector By The End of 2021

Portable Projector

Imagine if you told someone 25 years ago that by 2012, everyone would have a computer in their pocket. They probably wouldn’t have believed you.

A new change is coming to hand-held technology, and it’s pretty unbelievable too.

Soon, people will start carrying small portable projectors around in their pockets just like their phones. And maybe in 10 years or so, projectors will be integrated into phones.

Why would you need a projector in your pocket?

Well, there are many reasons, but the main one is convenience. Why look at a tiny screen when you could project a bigger image onto anything?

Accessible and intuitive portable projection will change the way we view and share content. Imagine if you could share a YouTube video or a post on Reddit by projecting it onto a wall instead of crowding around your phone?

This change is already starting.

The new portable projector, Prima Projector, is the first pocket projector that looks and acts just like a phone. You can carry it around in your pocket and project just about anything with swipe-and-point simplicity. It even has a touchscreen surface.

Prima runs on Android, connects to WiFi and Bluetooth, and has a hard drive and processor, so it’s capable of storing and running all your apps. It’s kind of like a phone and a smart TV rolled into one. You can use it anywhere with zero wires. It even has built-in speakers.

Oh, and it can project up to 200-inches in 1080p HD with 4K decoding and 3D support. Prima is now available for 50% off during a special launch event. Check it out here.

Below, we’ll tell you why portable projection will be the biggest thing to happen to your pocket this decade.

Portable Projector

No More Small Screens

We’ve been forced to stare at tiny screens for so long that we’ve never really considered that it could be different. Of course, only a small screen will fit in our pockets, right?

Portable projection will change that. We won’t have to look at small screens anymore. Instead, we’ll be able to choose our screen size and project it onto any surface.

With projectors like Prima, you’re already able to project your favorite Netflix shows on the back of the seat in front of you on a bus or plane. Or, you can scroll on Facebook on the wall of your cubicle during your lunch break.

Portable Projector

You can hold the projector in your hand or set it on a table. Thanks to keystone angle autocorrection, you’ll get a clean and level image every time.

Abandoning tiny screens has big advantages. First, staring at a projected image is much better for your eyes. It will help prevent eye fatigue, headaches, and macular degeneration. Plus, it will make blue light and disrupted sleep cycles a thing of the past.

Additionally, portable projection will be better for those with vision issues, such as the elderly. These users will be able to view web pages, ebooks, and apps at any size, making comprehension much easier.

Project at Home and On the Go

A Portable projector won’t just be convenient on the go. They’ll also have a primary place in your entertainment system at home.

Now, projectors like Prima are already able to project full HD images and even 4K and 3D video, so it’s possible that portable projectors will replace smart TVs in the near future.

Portable Projector

You may simply be able to place your projector in a dock when you get home and use it to stream movies and shows, watch live TV, surf the web, call friends, and more.

Prima can do all of the above, but it doesn’t have a dock. Instead, it clicks into a tripod and acts as an entertainment system complete with easy-to-navigate Android TV menus and a remote control.

Prima can connect to all of your existing devices, including gaming consoles, computers, tablets, phones, speakers, cameras, and more. You can connect wirelessly via WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplay, or use one of Prima’s ports. Ports include HDMI, USB, DC, headphone jack, and more.

One of the benefits of using a projector at home is the huge upgrade in screen size. 50-inch TVs are the largest you can get at most stores these days. With a projector, you can easily double that for a cheaper price. And, the screen resolution is just as good.

Prima is able to project up to 200-inches in 1080p HD with zero loss in resolution. That’s about 18-feet of projection—almost the size of a cinema screen.

Sharing and Collaborating Reimagined

Sharing content has become one of our primary methods of communication. Whether it’s posts on Reddit, quips on Twitter, videos on TikTok, or memes on Reddit, we’re constantly hitting the share button. We do this even if our friends are sitting right next to us. Why? Because it’s easier than asking them to share our single tiny screen.

The problem with this is clear. When we all use separate screens to enjoy the same content, we become isolated. And this isolation becomes normal. As you may have noticed, this is exactly what is happening in society today.

Portable Projector

Portable projection will end this period of isolation because everyone will be able to share a screen together, using their separate devices to drop content onto the projected screen.

With Prima, anyone can instantly cast and mirror from their device. It makes sharing videos and memes much more fun. If you’re at the bar or a friend’s place, you can project Prima onto a wall or table. Then, everyone can connect in turn and enjoy content together. No more asking, “Did you watch it yet?” Or, “Did you get to the funny part?”

This isn’t just an improvement on entertainment. It also makes collaborating at work a lot easier. Now, the entire team can work on the same page, no matter where they are. Prima is compatible with all devices, and it’s an impressive way to present to the boss.

Screen-Free Gaming

Another way small screens are holding us back? Gaming.

Gaming on a tiny screen was fine in the days of Tetris, but fast-paced and immersive games like Breath of the Wild and Fortnite deserve a bigger screen.

With a portable projector, you can play your online games and console games on the big screen no matter where you are.

On the go, you’ll be able to project on any surface, turning a 5-inch screen into a TV-sized adventure. And at home, you can get into the action like never before by projecting onto an entire wall.

Have you ever played a 1st-person shooter or survival horror game projected to fill your entire field of vision? It’s a new level of intensity.

Prima has the processing power and WiFi 5G connectivity to run online games lag-free. Plus, it can connect to any console, including Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Ditch the Small Screen and Get Prima Portable Projector

Reliable and accessible portable projection is already here. It’s only a matter of time before you see people projecting on the bus, at the park, and at the bar. When projecting is as easy as swiping on your phone, there won’t be any reason not to do it. And, it’ll bring friends and families back together after this era of isolated small screens.

Portable Projector

These new projectors aren’t cheap. You can expect to get one for the price of a new iPhone. However, Prima is currently running a pre-launch sale, so you can snag a Prima Projector for 50% off. This special promotional event is limited to a restricted number of units.

Along with a 50% discount, you’ll also get FREE global shipping and a free accessory bundle worth $100 (while supplies last). That’s over $500 in savings.

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to put HD projection in your pocket. Find out what others are saying about Prima and get yours now at primaprojector.com.

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