5 Major Criteria For Selecting A Computer Mouse:

Most people think that a computer mouse is not an essential device. Yet, its usability affects your experience not only if you are playing PC games but also decide to use a sportsbook mobile login. To select the right mouse, pay attention to these criteria.

Computer Mouse

Body Shape and Weight

It’s a key parameter to start with. No matter how expensive and sophisticated the mouse is, it doesn’t matter if the device doesn’t fit well in your hand. The shape is chosen individually, as well as the weight. Therefore before buying it is desirable to hold the device in your hand, to understand approximately, whether it will be comfortable for you to use it. It is worth mentioning that there are mice whose weight is adjustable. And the shape can be symmetrical or suitable for left- or right-handed people.

Sensor Type

There are optical and laser mice. Outwardly, you can distinguish them by looking under the manipulator. On the bottom of laser mice is usually a red LED. The main advantage of laser over optics is that the laser is not sensitive to the surface. It is also more sensitive to sensor movement. Therefore, the laser models are better suited for both gaming and office.

Type of Connection

You’re probably wondering which mouse is better: wired or wireless. A corded connection is more reliable. It prevents your mouse from running out of power or shutting down when it’s not needed. Wireless is convenient due to the fact that the mouse will be easy to carry within the workplace without getting tangled up in wires. So, wired mice are good for gamers, while wireless is good for office tasks and connecting to laptops.

Wireless Computer Mouse

Type of Buttons

In 2009, Apple introduced its first touch mouse, the Magic Mouse, which had no mechanical buttons. Instead, it used multitouch technology. The scroll wheel and standard keys replaced gestures and taps on the chassis in this model. Today they also produce touch mice, but due to the lack of recoil, they are not suitable for gaming. So, if you want a “fashionable” mouse without buttons, buy it only for the office. When choosing a gaming device, pay attention to the durability of the switches, so that you don’t have to change the mouse every year.

DPI Resolution

The maximum speed at which you can move the cursor. Marketers entice buyers with a high DPI, without revealing that this is actually a secondary characteristic. You will be able to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, no matter what its DPI is: 400 or 16000. Unless you are a hardcore gamer, the high value of this characteristic offers no advantage.

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