Google Updates Adsense Program Policies

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Google just recently announced that they have updated their Adsense program policies.

We’re now requiring AdSense publishers to comply with the spirit of our Page Quality Guidelines. If you’re an AdWords advertiser, you might already be familiar with these guidelines, which are intended to provide a better experience for users, advertisers, and publishers alike. If you use any kind of online advertising, know that these guidelines encourage publishers to, among other things, create sites with simple navigation and substantial, useful content.

There are several new changes but the most significant one is for those who use advertisting to send traffic to their pages that have Adsense. These folks now have to follow the same guidelines for Landing pages used by AdWords users.

Among the changes or updates to the program policies, the one that I’m sure most publishers would be happy to hear about is that Adsense now allows publishers to have 3 link units per page. Yes, you read it right. Three, tres, trois, tiga, drei. Although link units don’t work well for most blogs or bloggers, this is still a welcome change for most publishers. Now, I’m gonna have to edit my layout again and find a way to squeeze in those 3 link units. Personally, I would want to see new ad formats added like a 450×250 large rectangle or a 200×600 skyscraper.

Read more about the recent program policy updates at the Inside Adsense blog or read the updated version of the Program Policies.

Anyone else read or hear about Google updating their Adsense program policies? What do you think about the updates made? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. @Ymir – I know what you mean. Ads do look nice as long as they’re implemented well on a site or blog. Yeah, just try it out and hopefully it has a good outcome for you.

    True, one of the reasons I chose this theme is because of maximizing space. :)

  2. as of now i plan to put ads for aesthetics. ewan ko ba nagagandahan kasi ak osa dating nila. ang weird no? pero malay mo once i see the results of it e karirin ko na din. hehe. lol

    okay din naman tong new theme mo. mas maximized ang space.i dont think i'll be changing url in the near future. i intend to keep this one for good. ;)

  3. @Ymir – If you don't have any need or intention of earning money from advertisements on your blog, then I suggest that you don't use them. But then, it's your call. It also won't hurt to put some ads and earn extra income from it.

    Okay lang ba yon bagong theme na gamit ko? You're welcome! Next time, if you decide to move to a new domain let me know so I could update your link ASAP. :)

  4. iniisip ko maglagay ng adsense sa blog ko pero hesitant pa ako e and if ever i decide to, it is not mainly for earning money. you got to admit that ads can be a good aesthetic at times. lolz

    nanibago ako sa bago mong theme hehe. thanks nga pala for updating may link sa site mo. medyo busy kasi ako lately kaya di ko masyado ma manage mag blog hopping.

  5. @J David – I knew what you were referring to, that's why I explained it a little bit. Hehe

    Thanks! I'll send you an email when I have questions regarding CSS and stuff. Oh, you mean the Dark theme. I did use it here for a few days but I reverted to my old one coz it was too dark for me. :D

  6. Oh, see, I thought that you were referring to any type of Google ad unit. I run 3 on my homepage and have been doing so for a while. But none of them are like the unit on the top of your site (with just the link and no description).

    And by all means, if you run into css trouble/graphic trouble, I would love to help.

    As for the theme, I meant Bartleme's latest theme release:

  7. @J David – Really? What they mean by "link units", its the ad format that I use on top of the post title. Previously, you can only have one of those per page and now you can put three. :)

    Thanks! I'm doing my best to customize this theme with my limited CSS skills. I might ask some help from you with something. That's if you're not busy and willing enough to help me. Hehe :D

    What latest incarnation are you talking about? Is it the Not So Fresh 1.20 or something else? Can you give me the link? Thanks!

  8. Huh… I had been using 3 for a while now… Oh well. I haven't been banned yet. Cool theme, by the way. I really like Brian Gardner's work. Although, I am slightly surprised that you didn't go with the latest incarnation of your previous theme…

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