Akismet – 25 Billion Pieces of Spam

Although there are some “issues” or concerns regarding the accuracy of Akismet in flagging comments as spam (many WordPress users report that their own comments or reader’s comments are flagged as spam), it still remains as one of the top anti-spam plugins/solutions available on the Internet. I’ve been using this plugin/service here on JaypeeOnline since the day I started using WordPress and it has done a very good job of fighting spam and keeping spam comments off my blog.

Yesterday, Akismet reached a milestone – catching its 25 billionth spam comment. To celebrate this milestone, the folks from Akismet has built a minisite called 25 Billion Pieces of Spam. The site features a live counter of the total amount of spam caught, information on how it works, the different types of spam or threal levels and last but not least, a mini Asteroids-like flash game.

Caught spam live counter
Akismet Minisite

How it works
Akismet Minisite

Threat levels
Akismet Minisite

Akismet Asteroids mini flash game
Akismet Minisite

Btw, these days Akismet detects spam comments at the rate of about 40 million comments per day. Here’s some additional information or trivia regarding spam and spammers according to the records:

  • Spammers are busiest on Friday at 20:00 GMT.
  • Spammers are least active on Sundays at 14:00 GMT. (Do spammers go to church?!)
  • A blog comment is 8% more likely to be spam on a Saturday morning than it is on a Tuesday evening.

If you’re curious to know which was the 25 billionth spam comment caught by Akismet? Check out the image below:

Akismet Minisite

The comment was made on the Harrisonburg Community News Network.

Do you use Akismet as your antispam plugin/solution? What do you like/dislike about it? If you don’t use it, what plugin/tool do you use to fight and keep off spam comments from your blog or website? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. John @ Make Money Online Philippinessays:

    I am also nearing a spam milestone.. Im close to 10k blocked spam in my blog, will be posting it as well.

  2. Wow, haha, I love this post. I use Akismet and i have never had any problem with it.

    Honestly, Im not a techy guy.The only anti-spam plugin/app I know is Akismet. haha

    1. @yoshke – thanks! glad you liked it. i shared it so that other Akismet users would get to see it too in case they missed it on their WP dashboard. it’s all good, if Akismet does the job of protecting your blog from spam then it’s all you need to know, right? ;)

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