macbook air
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MacBook Air Parody

When something new comes out or becomes popular, a parody is bound to happen. Take for example the Apple iPhone. Just a few days after it was launched, a parody popped out in the Internet.

gizmodo prank
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Gizmodo Plays Nasty Prank at 2008 CES

A few hours ago, the guys at Gizmodo posted a confession about a nasty prank they played in this year’s CES at Las Vegas. Armed with TV-B-Gone clickers, Gizmodo bloggers went around and started shutting


Euphemisms for Workplace Incompetence

Here’s something funny that I received in my inbox earlier today. Thought it was funny so I’m sharing with it you guys. If you’re a bit stressed or having a rough day, take a short

no place like home
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The Funniest Geek Quotes

Got an email in my inbox a few days ago about an article entitled “The Funniest Geek Quotes”. Some of these quotes have been around for quite a while so some of you might have

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Am I A Blogaholic?

A blogaholic is someone who’s addicted to blogging. Most of the time, this is true for someone who is new to blogging and for some it’s hasn’t changed a bit even after several years of

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If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines…

Found this funny article while surfing the web. It tells about what happens if the different commercial airlines were run by different operating systems. Some of you must have heard or read this before but

iPhone Commercial Parody
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iPhone Commercial Parody

With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, a parody was bound to happen sooner or later. This time, its a parody of the popular Apple iPhone commercial as presented by the Late Night With Conan

chuck norris
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Chuck Norris Facts

This is so freakin hilarious. You guys MUST check this out. Laughter Guaranteed! Hehe Warning: some of the lines contain profanity. Some are also disrespectful and I find some of them to be quite disturbing.

google flat logo
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I’m Feeling Lucky

I’m sure most of you guys use Google as your search engine, but how many of you actually use or have used the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option? This option bypasses other results and goes directly