Gizmodo 2008 CES Prank

A few hours ago, the guys at Gizmodo posted a confession about a nasty prank they played in this year’s CES at Las Vegas. Armed with TV-B-Gone clickers, Gizmodo bloggers went around and started shutting off TV displays of different company exhibits or booths, even turning off a whole wall of TVs. The nastiest part was interfering with Motorola representatives while doing their presentation.

I laughed while watching the video but it didn’t feel quite right. It’s funny but in a wrong way. Thinking about it, Gizmodo’s bloggers actions were not appropriate. They could have done it once and stopped but they didn’t. Their explanation was “we pretty much couldn’t help ourselves“. Some people are saying that Gizmodo should be banned at CES, the upcoming MacWorld Expo and in other tradeshows. Bloggers on the other hand are concerned that they too would be banned or not invited because of Gizmodo’s actions.

Click here to watch the video.

What do you think of this nasty prank done by Gizmodo? What would you feel if you were one of the personnel or staff in charge of the booths that had their TV displays turned off? Should pranks and pranksters like these be held accountable for their deeds? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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