firefox 5
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Updated to Mozilla Firefox 5

A few days back, Mozilla released the latest version of their web browser – Firefox 5 which is just three months after the release of Firefox 4. Although it was already available, I didn’t immediately

firefox 3.6.13

Mozilla Release Firefox 3.6.13 Security Update

While using my Firefox web browser this morning, I was notified about a new available security and stability release – Firefox version 3.6.13. I immediately downloaded the latest version and updated Firefox. After that, I

Mozilla F1 Addon
Firefox Social Media Social Networks

Mozilla Labs F1 Social Addon

Social bookmarking buttons make life easy for users to share content (videos, photos, links, etc.) to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, not all websites or blogs have social bookmarking buttons installed

firefox birthday cake
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Happy 6th Birthday Mozilla Firefox!

Today, November 9th marks the sixth birthday of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is my main browser of choice for the past eight years. I started using it back in 2002 when it was

boomerang gmail
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Organize and Schedule Emails With Boomerang for Gmail

Gmail’s built-in filters, labels and the recently launched Priority Inbox help users who receive a boatload of emails on a regular basis to easily organize and manage their Gmail Inbox. However, there are still instances

mozilla plugin check
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Mozilla Plugin Check For Everyone

Back in October of 2009, Mozilla launched the Mozilla Plugin Check tool to help Firefox users keep their plugins/addons up-to-date, addressing the issue of outdated plugins being a major source of security and stability risks

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Helvetireader – Clean, Minimalist Google Reader Interface

For those who use Google Reader as their main RSS reader/aggregator, the default interface can sometimes be too cluttered with all the colors, social features and buttons. If you’re not using most of the features

WordPress Personas
Firefox WordPress

WordPress Personas for Firefox

Personas is one of the new features that came with the release of Mozilla Firefox 3.6. Personas are easy-to-use themes that allows users to customize and personalize the look of Firefox, they work the same

after the deadline
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After the Deadline for Firefox

Are you guys familiar or have heard of After the Deadline? It is a hosted writing improvement web service that was acquired by Automattic last year. After the Deadline (AtD) provides its service via a