Mozilla Labs F1 Social Addon

Mozilla F1 Social Addon

Social bookmarking buttons make life easy for users to share content (videos, photos, links, etc.) to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, not all websites or blogs have social bookmarking buttons installed on them so if you want to share a funny video, a cool photo or a link to a news story, you’ll have to do the sharing manually which means you’ll have to copy the website’s URL, login to the social networking site and paste the URL, then type in the custom message or caption before you can share it to your network.

Mozilla has recently launched the F1 Social Addon which makes the task of sharing content fast and easy. The F1 social addon is a Mozilla Firefox browser extension created by Mozilla Messaging that allows a user to share links from any webpage, from within the browser.

Here’s demo video of how the Mozilla F1 Social Addon works:

  • Twitter with one click F1 automatically shortens URLs using so that you don’t have to. F1 then inserts the shortened URL into your tweet, making the whole process seamless.
  • Facebook F1 posts the URL, complete with screenshot and description right to your Facebook wall, instantly sharing the link with all your friends on Facebook.
  • Gmail F1 automatically inserts the URL into the body of your email – simply type in your recipient’s Email addresses and hit share.

NOTE: The Mozilla F1 Social Addon requires Mozilla Firefox 3.6+.

Installation and use.
1. Download the addon from the F1 homepage or download it from the Firefox Add-ons repository
2. Install the addon and Restart Firefox.
3. Click on the share (idea bubble) icon on one of your Firefox toolbars.
Mozilla F1 Social Addon
4. Choose the service (Facebook, Twitter or Gmail) that you like.
(First time users will have to login and allow access for each service)
Mozilla F1 Social Addon
5. Type in your custom message or caption and hit Share.
Mozilla F1 Social Addon

Right now, the F1 Social Addon only works with Facebook, Twitter and Gmail but since its still in beta, we may see more services or social networking sites added in the future. I’ve installed the F1 Social Addon on my Mozilla Firefox and it works very well and enables me to share links to Facebook and Twitter quickly and conveniently.

Anyone else tried using the Mozilla F1 Social Addon? What other services or features would you like to see added to it in future releases? Please share your thoughts.

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