How To Promote Your Freelance Business Using WordPress

Freelance Business

Nowadays the number of self-employed people is extremely increasing. The annual study shows that 57.3 million Americans are freelancing, which counts 36 percent of the overall U.S. workforce. By 2027 the majority of the American employed population is predicted to be freelance business owners. Moreover, freelancers are everywhere. However, a lot of them probably don’t even think of themselves in those terms.

Why do people prefer working for themselves to staying in a safe, secure area of employment? You can pick from thousands of reasons to become a freelancer, but some of them are obvious:

  1. That is great to feel that you’re the master of your own ship. It’s wonderful to be your own boss. If you hate control-freak management, being clocked in, following specific dress code, or other restrictions and obligations, freelancing is the right choice for you. You are in control and make your own decisions. For example, having a task to build a website, it’s all up to you to choose the CMS you want. If you’ve made up your mind to pick up one of WordPress themes, there is no debating over your decision.
  2. Freedom is everywhere. You can choose the time and place in which to work. Wake up at any time you want. Work when you feel most productive. Deal with the clients you prefer. Freelancers are always free to opt for the project they want to work on.
  3. You can earn more than your employed equivalents. It’s possible to have even more offers of work than you can handle especially if you are talented, professional, ambitious, and success-oriented. In addition, most freelancers do the work they love. Additionally, you can start a freelance business while keeping your day job.

WordPress Website As A Way To Showcase Your Talent On The Web

Whether you’re a writer, copywriter, photographer, web designer, developer, and many more, freelancing is the best choice for you. Many skills can be effectively monetized, but the question is how to find those who would be willing to pay for it. Thus, you need to make efforts to create an eye-catching, impressive presentation of your knowledge and skills on the web. That said, without an effective and comprehensive online portfolio, you can fail to stand out from the competitors. This raises the question – how to build a solid website without effort and in a short period of time. Let’s check out the most effective and affordable way – using premium WordPress themes for business.

Benefits Of Using WordPress For A Portfolio Website

There are a number of content management systems, but most entrepreneurs opt for WordPress. With this CMS, more and more businesses can build their own websites keeping the balance between cost, quality, and comfort. WordPress gives a real chance to create a basic, professional site that is custom-looking and properly SEO optimized.
Here are some essential benefits of using a tool like WordPress:

  • There are tons of free and premium themes that allow changing the design of your site with no effort and in a short period of time. Thanks to a rich diversity of themes, you can create any site you want with a professionally crafted design, amazing gallery, impressive slider, numerous content modules, handy social integration, and many more. For example, with this creative WordPress theme Bolt, you can launch a full-featured, powerful one page portfolio. It boasts a catchy background, bright color scheme, prototypical and intuitive interface, stunning blog page layout, and all the necessary web forms for providing a convenient user experience on the site.
  • Bolt Theme
    Details | Demo

  • Without specific knowledge and programming skills, you can regularly update and extend the functionality of your site thanks to multiple WordPress plugins available on the web. They help to add any feature or tool to your website, like search optimization, social media buttons, picture slideshows, etc.
  • WordPress sites are loved by Google that plays an important role in your search ranking. Due to very clean and simple code, frequent updates and well-structured content, the sites based on this open-source platform can get a site ranking quicker in comparison with other CMSs.
  • Except for a business-oriented website, you get a blog built-in and ready to go. Since WordPress has been originally created as a blogging platform, it offers all the needed options and tools to set up and manage blog posts, commenting capabilities, and other useful automatically adding features, like displaying the most recent posts on the homepage.
  • It is very easy to use thanks to an extremely simple, intuitive interface. You can manage your site from any Internet-connected computer. Adding new pages, content modules, images, blog posts, etc. on a regular basis can be done in an instant and with no effort because of the simplicity of technology used. There is no need to spend time on formatting. For example, take a look at fully responsive, highly adaptive, carefully designed multipurpose WordPress theme Imperion. Based on your expertise and passion, you can turn this template into any site you need – portfolio, e-store, blog, and many more. It offers extremely easy customization, extensive functionality, and an elegant, sleek design.
  • Imperion Theme
    Details | Demo

WordPress themes are the best solution for those who are looking for an affordable, simple, flexible, and responsive website building technology. Moreover, this CMS offers rich opportunities to connect your professional site or online portfolio with your social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to boost your online presence. It’s important to notice that any WordPress theme can be turned into an effective, feature-rich e-store.

Bob Dylan once said, “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” WordPress along with freelancing provides unlimited freedom. Take advantage of these possibilities and start generating huge income right now. If you’re in doubt from what to start, read free eBook “How to Create a Portfolio Website for Your Small Business [Free eBook]”. With this book, you will learn how to opt for the best domain name, deal with hosting, pick up the proper theme, and set up a powerful portfolio.”

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