Smooth WordPress Theme

Smooth WordPress Theme

While I was browsing through my drafts, I found a few WordPress theme review draft articles. It was then I realized that I haven’t done a WordPress theme review in a long time. The last review I did was for the gForums WordPress theme, which was more than three months ago.

Today, I’ll be reviewing and sharing with you the Smooth theme – a simple, minimalistic WordPress theme created by Benoit ‘LeBen’ Burgener of My Tapestry.

This widget-ready theme is dedicated to writers. Its simplicity, light grey background and large fonts put the content ahead. Nothing useless, just fine typography and a touch of colors.


  • 4 columns
  • Widget-ready
  • Auto-resizing script for content images
  • Supports threaded and paged comments
  • Pre-configured for some third-party plugins: Subscribe to comment, I like this
  • Ready for translation
  • Languages included: French

Smooth WordPress Theme

Post page
Smooth WordPress Theme

My Take:
The Smooth WordPress theme is a good choice for those looking for a simple and minimalistic blog theme. It’s lightweight so it loads fast and has the basic features most bloggers need from a WordPress themewidget-ready, threaded comments support, paged comments support and gravatar support. The theme page mentions that it supports threaded and paged comments but based on the demo, it seems that it doesn’t because I don’t see any way to reply to other comments. Maybe the demo wasn’t properly configure, I dunno but I hope the theme author can clarify this.

Another feature that I’m sure many users would like is the auto-resizing script for content images. This comes in very handy when you post a lot of in-line images and don’t have the time to resize the images.

As the theme documentation states, the Smooth theme is preconfigured to work with some third party plugins: Subcribe to comment and I like this (created by the author of this theme). Meaning, the theme was designed to work with these WordPress plugins however, the user can choose not to use these plugins and the theme will still work fine without them.

Overall, the Smooth theme is a simple yet elegant looking, minimalistic WordPress theme that I’m sure many users would love. It has most, if not all the basic features you need in a WordPress theme and its FREE. Many thanks to Benoît ‘LeBen’ Burgener and My Tapestry for sharing the Smooth theme to the community!

Preview or Download the Smooth WordPress theme.

NOTE: This theme was scanned using the Theme Authenticity Checker and doesn’t contain any hidden or encrypted code.

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