xFyro Back with Insane AI-Powered Headphones

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

Do you remember xFyro? A few years ago, they raised over $2M on Indiegogo and practically broke the internet with their ARIA headphones. Now, they’re back with an all-new breakthrough in true wireless audio—artificial intelligence.

The xFyro ANC Pro true wireless headphones feature an AI algorithm that listens to your environment so you don’t have to. If it detects a sound that you need to be aware of, such as a siren, alarm, or a voice talking to you, it will send it through the speakers to your ears. All other sounds remain blocked with serious ANC power (30 dB—50% more noise-canceling power than AirPods Pro).

xFyro ANC Pro has a bunch more premium features too, including record-setting 100-hour battery life, graphene speakers, and xFyro’s famed weatherproofing (the tech that took the net by storm).

We’ll give you the full scoop below.

Or, you can check out the xFyro ANC Pro at xfyro.com. If you shop during the Easter sale, you can take 60% off a pair of these stellar new headphones AND get free shipping anywhere on the globe.

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

xFyro’s AI-Powered ANC: What is It?

xFyro’s breakthrough artificial intelligence tech is the latest in machine learning in headphones… actually, it’s the only machine learning in headphones.

The AI algorithm has learned over 6000 distinct sounds, and it uses the earbuds’ dual-beamforming mic to listen to your surroundings as you listen to your music.

It reacts so quickly that it hears sounds, categorizes them, and responds to them all before they can reach your ears.

Essentially, the algorithm intercepts every sound and picks out the ones you need to hear. Those sounds are passed through the speakers to your ears (without interrupting your music), and the others are canceled.

What does this mean for you? It means you can listen to your music while remaining aware of your surroundings. Approaching traffic, sirens, alarms, and other risks will no longer be drowned out by your music.

Not only that, but the AI also detects voices directed at you, so you won’t have to take off your earbuds to talk to the barista, bus diver, your neighbor, or a colleague at work. You can finally listen to your music, uninterrupted, without missing a beat of your life.

Don’t need the AI ANC power all the time? You can toggle between AI Transparency Mode, standard ANC, and no ANC to customize your listening experience (and conserve battery life).

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

Graphene Speakers: The Future of Audio

True wireless speakers have to be small, and that means they usually SUCK compared to over-ear headphones. But xFyro found a new material that can deliver big sound despite its small size.

It’s called graphene, and it’s a nano-particle with some pretty amazing properties. For starters, it’s the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material on Earth. It also happens to be the perfect material for very small speakers.

Graphene is so strong and flexible that it will never degrade due to time or vibration. Other speakers break down or become damaged at loud volumes because they can’t take the vibes. Graphene can handle anything without breaking or distorting your tunes.

That means you get clearer audio across the entire audio range, including pretty sweet bass beats. You’ll be able to listen louder without risking your earbuds. And of course, graphene drivers will deliver crystal-clear sound for years and years with zero degradation in quality.

We love graphene in truly wireless earbuds, and we’re pumped that xFyro ANC Pro has opted for this super material.

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

The Longest-Lasting Battery Ever

Other wireless headphones’ batteries quit after 2-3 hours. xFyro blows the competition away with 10 hours of playback per charge and an additional 90 hours in the carrying case. That’s a total of 100 hours of playback.

Go ahead and keep your earbuds in your pocket or your car. Even if you use them for 4 hours a day, they won’t need to be recharged for nearly a month.

If you use them for a full 10 hours and want to keep going, you’ll only need to place them in the carrying case for 15 minutes to charge them back up. When it comes time for a charge, the case charges 100 hours of power in just 2 hours thanks to USB-C fast charging.

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

IPX5 Waterproof + Dust-proof

xFyro’s internet-destroying original earbuds, ARIA, became famous for their 100% waterproofing protection. The xFyro ANC Pro doesn’t have quite the same level of protection, but they have everything you need to survive the elements as long as you don’t do any cliff diving.

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, these headphones can withstand any type of rain, from a sprinkle to a monsoon. The earbuds are also sealed to prevent dust or debris from getting inside. So, you can take them to your beach volleyball game or dirt biking competition without worry.

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

Comfortable Inner-ear Fit

Unlike most inner-ear-canal earbuds, xFyro ANC Pro actually feel good inside your ear. xFyro went back to the drawing board to reimagine the inner-ear fit. Instead of making an earbud that you jam into your ear, they built an ergonomic ear tip that uses the natural shape of your ear to stay in place.

The result is an inner-ear fit that doesn’t feel like someone stuck a cork in your head. In fact, it doesn’t feel like anything is there at all. Yet, it still holds strong during intense activity.

You can wear the xFyro ANC Pro for 8+ hours at a time without feeling any itching or soreness.

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones

It Gets Even Better

The list of xFyro ANC Pro’s features goes on and on. We don’t have time to write a book on them today, so we’ll list the additional features below. These features are great, and they’re what we’d expect from any pair of premium earbuds.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Digital Assistant Access (Siri, Google, etc.)
  • Touch Controls
  • Auto-Pairing
  • Dual-Beamforming Mic

Get xFyro ANC Pro Before They Break the Internet (Again)

xFyro ANC Pro are hot off the factory floor, and not many people know about them yet. That means you can be one of the first to don these next-gen headphones.

Even better, xFyro is NOT launching the ANC Pro on crowdfunding. However, they are dropping the price for early birds for a limited time so their fans can get a sweet price. If you shop now, you can grab a pair for 60% off and get free shipping anywhere.

xFyro ANC Pro are a premium pair of headphones, so don’t miss getting them for a ridiculously low price.

Find out more about the groundbreaking AI ANC and order your headphones now at www.xfyro.com

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