8 Technologies that Can Reduce Car Crashes

Two cars crashing with each other

Car crashes are very often fatal – when they’re not, they almost always lead to injuries. They are dangerous, and most of the time, they happen because the driver did something wrong or because the vehicle was faulty.

In 2021 alone, around 700 people died in car crashes in Colorado. Even more dealt with injuries following an accident, requiring a Boulder car accident lawyer to help them recover damages.

But wouldn’t it be better if you could just avoid accidents altogether and prevent a complicated personal injury case? This is possible because technology has evolved to a point where it can help drivers avoid dangerous situations.

Here are 8 technologies that can reduce the number of car accidents:

1. Alerts for Drowsiness

Many people end up feeling drowsy while driving – especially when they’ve been doing this for many hours or they haven’t slept too long the night before. For a driver, feeling drowsy is a recipe for disaster. You can lose control of the vehicle and end up in a car crash, putting yourself and others in danger of injury or death.

Fortunately, some cars come with drowsiness alerts. They have cameras that help keep an eye on the driver and make sure he or she is not falling asleep. Besides, the system can also alert you when you stop paying attention to the road for other reasons.

2. Backup Cameras

Some vehicles make it hard for you to see what’s behind you. As such, you may fail to notice other cars, bicycle riders, or pedestrians when you are parking or going backward.

Technology has now developed cameras that let you see what is happening behind your car. This way, you won’t miss anything.

3. Forward Collision Systems

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accident fatalities. In 2020, 3,142 people died as a result of distracted driving according to the NHTSA. It is even more of an issue nowadays when everyone owns a smartphone and social media accounts. Thus, they get notifications whenever someone interacts with their posts. The tiniest distraction is enough to make someone lose control of their car or not see obstacles.

With forward collision systems, car accidents resulting from distracted driving can be prevented. If your vehicle is too close to another, the speed will be reduced to avoid a disaster. This is done by calculating the distance between cars.

4. Automatic Cruise Control

This is a system made for people who find themselves on the highway very often. If the system finds out that another driver wants to make a quick turn, it will go in and out of cruise control as it sees fit.

5. Wrong Way Warnings

Even if you pay attention to all traffic signs, it is still possible to miss one due to tree branches standing in the way, for example. So, you might enter a one-way street without realizing it. But don’t worry – wrong-way warnings can save you.

Companies are now working on systems that warn you about the wrong ways through your phone. This way, you’ll immediately be able to go back in the right direction.

6. Lane Departure Technology

You might become frustrated with drivers who do not stay in their lane, or you may be a driver who fails to stay in the lane yourself. This is very likely to happen when you feel drowsy.

Lane departure technology can warn the driver when they cross into the wrong lane. There are two versions: one of them gives you an audio signal and takes over the steering to take the car back into the right lane, while the other is only an audible signal.

7. Adaptive Headlights

Driving at night is more challenging since it’s harder to see what’s in front of you, especially when you are turning on dark roads.

Adaptive headlights have been invented to solve this issue. They let you see what’s in dark corners when you turn your car, so you can avoid crashing into obstacles.

8. Fast Braking Systems

Sudden braking is necessary for emergencies when you must avoid driving into something at the last minute. Not all cars are equipped with a good braking system, though.

But nowadays, faster systems are being installed in cars, ensuring you can slow down the car as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, technology is coming up with more ways to keep us safe on the road. So, if you are looking for a new car, make sure it features one or more of the helpful technologies listed above.

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