Gamma Review: A High-Tech Graphene-Infused Jacket

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

You probably have a bunch of equipment (e.g., PCs and tablets) to facilitate your work performance and everyday life. But why not make cutting-edge technology a permanent part of your clothing? It can provide greater comfort than regular clothes and feature materials to keep you safe from the elements.

One such product is Gamma, a graphene-infused jacket. The product boasts an innovative design and offers several significant benefits.

Gamma Key Features

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Out of the box, Gamma looks great. It can match many clothing combinations, and the fit is generally neither too tight nor too loose.

Here are the main highlights of the jacket:

Graphene-Infused Textile

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

The garment derives most of its durability from its graphene build. The material is stronger than diamonds, making the jacket nearly impervious to damage. It’s immune to fraying, rips, tears, and can even withstand sharp knives.

All of which make the jacket excellent for unforgiving climbs and rides. It also keeps you safe from cuts and scrapes, even though it weighs approximately the same as an average hoodie.
Furthermore, the material enables the jacket to cope with harsh alpine conditions. The proprietary weave and compact atomic bonds make the product waterproof. It can keep you dry in nearly any environment, from light mists to monsoons.

In addition, the jacket is effective against winds of up to 50 miles per hour. This optimal resistance allows for seamless high-altitude hiking and skiing.

Integrated Heaters

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Gamma comes with three carbon fiber heaters. When you’re feeling cold, you can activate them by pushing a button. Within seconds, the components start warming the jacket, and graphene evenly distributes the heat. As a result, the model can be worn even in sub-zero conditions., unlike most traditional items with synthetic insulation.

With the unique power bank, the heaters are plugged into a USB-A input in the inner pocket. There are three adjustable temperature settings to help you address varying levels of cold.

Thermoregulating Properties

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Gamma features high-performance thermal properties. The jacket easily adapts to your body to regulate the temperature according to your needs. Graphene circulates heat using a latticed structure, delivering even distribution.

In warm weather, the jacket removes heat through permeable pores and repels moisture to cool you down. In cold weather, it drives heat to your upper body.

This way, there’s no need to wear bulky coats or multiple layers. Graphene provides optimal temperatures according to your surroundings to keep you comfortable in all conditions, from frigid to warm.

Multifunctional Design With 10 Pockets

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

The jacket has 10 pockets, two of which are concealed to protect cash or travel documents when you’re traveling. There are also straps to secure the wrists, hood, and waist in extreme weather. On top of that, it features fingerless gloves to warm your palms.

UV Ray Protection

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Many people disregard UV protection when buying clothes, but this can be a serious error. UV rays can penetrate raincoats, windbreakers, and light jackets, causing burns and other skin damage if you spend too much time outdoors.

To keep your skin safe, Gamma comes with UV-proof properties to repel these harmful rays. Its SPF rating is over 100, shielding you from sunburn. Consequently, it can also help you stay cool in sunny and warm conditions.

Gamma Is a Versatile Piece

GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

With such robust properties, Gamma works great in a large number of settings, from freezing mountains to cozy picnics by the river. Owing to the built-in graphene, there’s no need to worry about damage from bushes, trees, or pointy rocks. Sun exposure isn’t an issue either, making the jacket a high-quality all-around clothing item.

Check out the men’s and women’s designs and pre-order your GAMMA at

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