Playster: The Most Affordable Streaming Service Out There?


A Montreal-based multimedia subscription service called Playster is rapidly increasing its subscription base by offering unparalleled content to its users, including music, books, audiobooks, games, and movies — all in a single subscription.

With a price tag of just about $24.95 per month, Playster offers a wide array of features and unlimited access to books, movies, music, and games. Users are also entitled to a free month after subscribing to the service and anyone who opts to purchase a year-long subscription will also receive a free branded Android tablet and headphones. How great is that?!

This service screams premium, but one of its main perks is just how affordable it actually is. The process of registering is fairly simple, as it only requires you to log into your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Google+. Alternatively, you can use your email address to sign up.

Not only is the platform not restricted to a single medium, but it is also the best deal out there for users who want specific content accessible with a single click. Single media subscriptions start at as low as $3.95 per month! Playster is an extremely inexpensive streaming service and that can only mean that it will eventually overthrow today’s most popular subscription services.

Playster includes a wide array of impressive features, such as allowing members to listen to custom music playlists and discover new books based on their current mood. Titles range from mainstream hits to indie releases and the content is all smartly divided into media types and categories, so it is easily searchable. You can also create your very own playlists and share them with family and friends via social media.

Playster is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes. It can also be used on the desktop. Want to share your account? No problem! The platform allows up to three logins from three different devices.

Playster developers are working around the clock and issuing regular updates, which allow users to get the best experience possible. It is clear that Playster is aiming big when it comes to streaming and if they continue to deliver such a premium experience at such a low price, we cannot help but think that the convenience of this new app will make it one of the most popular options out there in no time at all.

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