SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a useful tool in helping a website or e-commerce business become successful. Website and blog URLs play a key role in search engine optimization.

For Joomla users, having pretty URLs is one of the basic issues they have to tackle when it comes to Joomla SEO. With SerrBizSEF, a Joomla SEO SEF component you can now make your URLs to go from this… id=71

..into something pretty and search engine friendly like this:

Isn’t that wonderful? Not only will SerrBizSEF create pretty URLS for you, but it will help you with your other Joomla Search Engine optimization needs and make your site SEF or search engine friendly.

The complete package includes the following features:

  • Automatic and Custom SEFs
  • Automatic and Custom HTML Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords
  • Eliminate / Reduce Duplicate URLS
  • Robot Index Tag
  • 301 Redirects- Automapping
  • Custom Error Page
  • Social Bookmark Module

Do you like it? What are you waiting for? Visit and get SerrBizSEF today! If you’re not sure, you can download the SerrBizSEF Basic and try it out for free!

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