7 Benefits of a Time Tracking App for Construction

Time Tracking App

Global construction firms are beginning to understand the benefits of using time-tracking apps to monitor their projects. With the vast amount of data and information that firms handle, the need for the time-tracking software is irresistible.

The benefits of the time-tracking app are endless, especially for general contractors and construction managers who have to keep records of all operations from quick budgeting, better time management, accurate billing, to appropriate task management.

Advantages Of A Time-Tracking Software

Today, we will look at the benefits of the time-tracking software for construction managers and general contractors.

1. Keep Track of Each Worker’s Productivity

Time-tracking apps can keep accurate records of all workers, including the time spent on every activity. Without the right software in place, construction workers punch their time cards when reporting to work and when leaving at the end of the day. In fact, keeping track of each worker’s time card is not an easy task without the help of an automated solution.

Today, contractors and construction managers can track the productivity of all workers using a time-tracking app. It is an easy way to manage tasks as they can estimate the hours that workers spend on every assignment. Moreover, some time-tracking apps are cloud-based and can automatically back up all records.

2. Accurate Billing

One crucial feature of time-tracking software that most people overlook is its potential to provide better billings. With the help of these apps, contractors can now input the time cards directly into the software application. This simplifies the contractors’ task to put together the billings.

Rather than assembling all the worker’s timesheets to calculate the billings, one can get all the information from the time-tracking apps. A contractor can easily calculate the number of hours spent on each task, which saves a lot of time and money.

3. Better Overtime Management

Contractors often suffer huge losses due to poor management of their overtime activities. With the help of time-tracking apps, projects that need overtime to keep up with tight schedules can now run smoothly without the fear of running into losses.
Construction managers and contractors can set time limits for overtime to ensure that the workers don’t spend more hours than initially agreed.

Therefore, with these time-tracking apps, project managers can make informed decisions regarding the construction of a building. If a project has much over time, they can decide to hire more workers to ensure it’s successful and efficient.

4. Prevents Time Theft

Time theft is a common problem facing most organizations, including construction firms. With a weak time tracking system, like paper timesheets, workers may deliberately manipulate it for their gain. Such behaviors may cost companies a lot of money. The American Payroll Association (APA) says that time theft affects 75% of businesses in the United States.

One effective way of solving this mystery is by adopting time-tracking apps on construction sites. With these apps, a construction manager can track the specific time that the workers report in and out, including the breaks. That ensures that the employers pay out what they ought to pay.

5. Integrates Well with Payroll Systems

The integration of time-tracking apps with payroll systems could be the most significant advantage for modern construction firms. Traditionally, contractors using paper timesheets have to input the data into the accounting systems manually. Such old methods consume a lot of time and are tedious. Contractors may also find it difficult to read some workers’ handwriting.

With time-tracking apps, construction workers record their reporting time on gadgets instead of sheets of paper. Contractors don’t have to worry about poor handwriting. As the software keeps track of every employee’s work record, contractors or construction managers can upload the information into their accounting systems for billing and payroll.

6. Highly Profitable

As mentioned earlier, time is a vital resource that can generate a lot of money when used appropriately. Time-tracking apps can help contractors save a lot of time, which translates into profits. As a construction manager, you can focus on other important things instead of supervising the workers and manually recording their reporting and leaving time.

Final Words

The benefits of time-tracking apps in a construction firm are numerous, from keeping accurate records to optimizing work processes. Apps with robust reporting tools make it easy for both construction managers and contractors to get a clear overview of all the operations in a construction site. Click here to learn more about the roles of general contractors and construction managers on a job site.

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