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The room for trained certified professionals only expands with the coming of different IT trends and innovations. With this climate, giving yourself an identity that can substantiate your field of expertise, even more, is a bonus. The bonus we’re talking about is none other than a certification, and it goes by the name that has already been long entrenched in the tech industry—Microsoft. Suppose you have already grappled with an MTA certification, you can continue climbing the ladder and see its trove of MCSA certifications. If your heart and brain are tied into learning more about the SQL Server Technology, then the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification might just be what you need.

With its proven line of professional and personal benefits, it’s high time you get in touch with yours. But before anything else, let’s dabble on the most important qualifying factor that you must first get through to claim your certification: Microsoft 70-764 Exam. So what does this exam exactly ask of promising professionals like you and what does it take to pass it? Let’s learn more about it below.

What About Microsoft Exam 70-764?

Microsoft 70-764 exam determines your claim of the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification. This certification demonstrates your technical abilities on the SQL Server Technology, particularly in going about its databases. The exam is known as Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure and is one of the paired exams you must accomplish to get the certification. Besides this, Microsoft 70-765 (Provisioning SQL Databases) is the other exam you need to study for.

Database professionals who want to be well-rounded in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of SQL databases—on-premises or cloud-based—will find this certification a career-wise accomplishment. These are professionals who are at best willing to undergo the process of a staunch preparation knowing that this credential is worth using for in the run of their IT profession.

What Is The Nature Of The Exam?

The exam questions will tackle on varied areas connected to the responsibilities of a Database professional. Apart from configuring databases and the like, the exam also circles around questions that challenge your capacity in setting up database systems effectively. It gauges your skills across different configuration tasks, like auditing, encryption along with data access and permission. Aside from that, 70-764 also brings to light questions that measure how well you monitor SQL Server instances. The exam is priced at $165.00 USD and is open to any IT professional interested in the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration certification.

What Are The Rewards Of Clearing Exam 70-764?

Beyond the employment benefits, taking the time to study for this exam blesses you with a deeper sense of understanding of the SQL database systems. This dresses you up to become a well-versed professional in your chosen field. It gives you ample training, experience, and resources in utilizing the right techniques and tools to secure data and diagnose potential threats. Studying for this exam is simply one way of supplying yourself with additional insights needed in a high-performing database administrator position.

Of course, a positive exam score also proves your worth of the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification. You can rightfully get this credential and use it to your advantage. Recognition and relevance are two of the significant things that drive professionals to consistently work. And, a Microsoft certificate is ideal for helping you broaden your career prospects. Wait until your marketability increases as you add this MCSA badge to your resume. This certification puts you in a position of credibility that most IT companies simply look for.

Next up, it also serves as a springboard to step up to higher certification tracks. You have to first go through this path before you can advance to the Microsoft ladder. This certification can act as a prerequisite in qualifying for other expert certification exams.

What Are The Best 70-764 Training Materials To Look Out For?

Exam Ref 70-764: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure is a book that intends to enhance your database administration skills in a real-world IT environment. Authored by Victor Isakov, the book is available at the Microsoft Press Store. Although this is the closest to the best material source for the exam, you still need an equally-trusted secondary material to compare and review certain exam points―hence the practice exams from another top-grade resource, PrepAway.

The practice exams from PrepAway offer you a glimpse of how real-life 70-764 questions look like. You’ll learn more about the exam structure, the exam format, and the recurring topics covered in the exam. PrepAway gives access to a bundle of training courses, study guides, and practice tests verified by the industry’s specialists.

On the other hand, MeasureUp is also an online resource that provides quality practice tests. Here you can find the Official Practice Test that is recommended by Microsoft. Because of its updated and innovative series of questions and explanations, it has gained recognition with the Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider credential.

Surrounding yourself with informative resources is the key to learning deeply about the core concepts, tools, and processes needed in anchoring a SQL Database Infrastructure. Of all the training materials you can find, books and practice exams are the winning tools. The former provides you with the needed IT knowledge while the latter assesses if that knowledge of yours is enough to make you pass the actual exam.


To top it all off, preparing for 70-764 certification exam prepares you for a career that is steadfast and fulfilling. For that, check the most reliable resources such as Microsoft official website along with the PrepAway website to pass your exam on the first try. Use the MCSA certification as your instrument in becoming a well-capable, certified, driven, and industry-recognized Database professional. Wish you luck!

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