Top Tech-Related Workplace Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Top Tech-Related Workplace Injuries

Technology has changed workplaces today. Offices with high-end computers, video projectors, and other technological advancements are quite common these days. As useful as technology is, it can also lead to a wide range of injuries that weren’t possible before.

Whether you have a tech-based job or just operate in a workplace that uses any type of technology, it’s crucial to know what risks you’re exposing yourself to. Here is a list of some of the top tech-related workplace injuries, as well as what you can do to make sure they do not happen to you.

Losing Your Hearing

Headphone use is very widespread. Not only is this gadget a popular choice for music lovers, but it’s also used in work environments. Earbuds are also used for the same purpose.

However, extended use of headphones or earbuds can result in hearing loss over time – especially when it comes to the latter piece of gadget. What’s worse is that once your hearing starts to get worse, you cannot recover it.

The best thing to do if you want to prevent damage is to keep volume levels low. Ideally, they should stay under 60% for less than 60 minutes daily. And if you need your headphones for extended periods, you should take breaks when possible.


If your job requires the use of a computer, it means you’ll spend more than half your day in front of a screen. Whether you have to send emails, write articles, edit photos, develop websites, or anything else, your eyes will be the ones suffering following hours of computer use.

Unfortunately, this can not only lead to your eyes feeling itchy, dry, or tired but may also result in loss of vision. Headaches are also common due to this.

When you’re required to use a computer for prolonged periods at work, you should blink often in order to refresh your eyes. Also, you should reduce the lighting and take eye breaks when possible.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Perhaps some of the most common injuries in a tech-related workplace are caused by repetitive motions.

Repetitive strain injuries occur when you keep repeating the same movements over and over. Using a touch screen or typing on a keyboard is frequently a cause of these injuries. Injuries include trigger finger, a condition where tendons in a finger get inflamed and cause a thumb or finger to lock, and carpal tunnel, which is tingling, or numbness caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist.

It’s hard to realize how often you are doing the same movements when you are so focused on your work, but it’s important to become aware of them. Otherwise, you risk dealing with the strain, which might also affect your ability to perform.

Make sure to shake your wrists and hands for one or two minutes when possible. Also, try to get up from your desk once an hour or more often. It’ll give you a break from repetitive movements and prevent strain injuries.

Disc Injuries

Too many people who sit in front of the computer have poor posture. Despite the advice they might’ve received regarding this issue, it’s hard to think about the way you’re sitting in your chair. After all, you’re focusing on your job and meeting deadlines.

Well, poor posture can end up putting way too much load on your spine. As a result, you can suffer from intervertebral disc outer fiver sprains. Unfortunately, this can lead to a herniated disc in some cases.

The best way to prevent this is by practicing a good posture. If it’s hard to remember to sit properly, you can put a sign or a sticky note in your work area or can ask others to point it out.

Headaches and Muscle Pain

Jobs are our source of income, but they can also lead to a lot of stress over time. Stress doesn’t only put you in a bad mood – it can also make your body produce hormones that influence pain sensitivity and muscle tension. If your muscles are kept tight all day long when you’re using technology at work, the pain will be worse due to stress.

Not to mention that looking at the computer screen for hours can lead to less sleep, which also causes headaches.

It’s best to take breaks from using any devices and gadgets during your shift, but also consider massages and exercise, which can bring down stress levels.

Final Thoughts

Preventing tech-related workplace injuries will allow you to enjoy a life free of pain and stress. If injuries occur, you may also have a case against your employer for personal injury. But make sure you file the claim in time. For example, in Indiana, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years. So, you should hire an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to claim your compensation.

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