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7 Benefits of a Time-Tracking App for Construction

Global construction firms are beginning to understand the benefits of using time-tracking apps to monitor their projects. With the vast amount of data and information that firms handle, the need for the time-tracking software is

Online Banking
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Citi Mobile App – Must-Have Online Banking App

The advancement in technology has greatly improved our lives in many ways such as communication, education, healthcare and even banking. When I was a kid, I remember accompanying my dad to the bank every end

Disruptive Apps

11 Disruptive Apps That Changed The Way We Live [Infographic]

Creating An App – Is It Really That Hard?We’ve reached a point where developing an average app is no longer that challenging. Solid app developers can be found left and right, hundreds of frameworks enable

google voice

Official Google Voice for iPhone App Hits App Store

Last year, Apple denied Google’s request of approval for their Google Voice for iPhone app. A few months after that, Google released a web-based version that works via any HTML5-enabled mobile web browser so users