3 Social Media Strategies for Law Firms

Social Media Strategies Law Firms

As you may know, most people nowadays get their news and information straight from social media. They no longer read newspapers to find out where to eat or which businesses and services to try.

Because of this, it goes without saying that law firms and lawyers should do their best to engage with online and social media environments! For example, with so many slip and falls happening worldwide, personal injury lawyers would be standing on a goldmine if they brought and advertised their business online!

Still, they must know what social media strategies to use if they want to be successful!

First Strategy – Client Conversation

What platform would you use to engage in client conversation regarding your law firm services? If your answer is Instagram, then you need to rethink your social media strategies. Why?

Well, this is because not only do more people use Twitter, but this platform is also designed to spark conversation while Instagram relies more on visual content. This is why Twitter should be used to interact with potential clients.

Twitter can also be used to share things that are consistent with your values as a law firm. Doing so builds brand trust and may direct new clients toward you!

Second Strategy – Showing You Who the Next Client Is

While Twitter is fairly popular, it is clear that Facebook is more popular than the former. Studies show that 80 out of 100 people use Facebook, compared to Twitter’s 50.

Moreover, while Twitter allows for better conversations with clients, Facebook comes with the tools that tell you who your next client might be. This is because the latter comes with insights that can provide your law firm with what we call the target audience.

A Facebook page for your law firm will soon help you determine who you should be looking for online as new/potential clients.

Third Strategy – Expertise and Professionalism

Last but not least, we have to talk about LinkedIn. This is another major platform that should be used as a social media strategy by law firms trying to find their way online.

What makes LinkedIn special? First of all, the platform gives you access to a professional network of people – Facebook gives you clients, while LinkedIn may get you in touch with a business owner ready to sign a deal with a competent law firm.

On top of that, LinkedIn also gives lawyers the chance to share their knowledge and expertise with other people, making their profiles trustworthy and increasing their reputation.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, social media strategies don’t mean that you have to stick to a certain platform and make everything work from there. Every social media platform out there comes with various benefits that you should learn to take advantage of!

Therefore, you could even rely on Instagram if you prefer being more visual in terms of content marketing or bringing your clients closer to you and your firm’s lifestyle.

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