Tips for Building an Online Game Streaming Presence

In 2017 alone, around 666 million gaming enthusiasts tuned in to watch gaming video content made by fans and other publishers, according to These statistics are meant to offer some insight into how big, and ever-growing, the gaming industry has turned out to be. As a result, streaming live games on sites like Twitch and even YouTube can not only be great ways to reach out to other gaming enthusiasts but also earn a living doing so.

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Just like any other market out there, the live game streaming industry is quite crowded with fans and publishers all aiming to share a message louder than the noise created by other contributors. Consequently, you might end up being invisible without the right strategy for demanding the attention of your target audience. Luckily, building an empire in this industry is all about knowing what makes viewers tick.

Here are a few insights for commanding the attention of your audience:

Use Decent Equipment

The equipment you use plays center stage when it comes to dictating the quality of videos you can expose your audience to. For instance, according to Game Authority, choose the best capture card for your PC in case you will be streaming from your PC. Look in the line of features like resolution (above 720), space and speed. A good capture card will ensure uninterrupted streaming with reduced chances of downtime but must be combined with a reliable PC.

In case you are playing a game that will demand a lot from your PC, be sure to work with a quality one. You can also use a dual system setup to cause less stress on the PC you will use for gaming. Other equipment mistakes to avoid include using hissing mikes or even producing highly pixelated videos. Ensure that you equip yourself with a stellar microphone and a fast and stable internet connection for an amazing gaming session.

What is currently creating a buzz in the gaming community? There is a thin line between games that are actually trending and those that are oversaturated with publishers. When starting out, commit to researching games that are trending in the industry but have not yet become oversaturated.

Pay attention to press releases, search the most trending games on search engines, and even follow forums where gamers discuss the different games. Other than offering you a good idea of what game to stream, this type of research can give you some insight into what people actually want to see. For instance, some gamers might be interested in how to pass a certain level in the games and showing them this will make them yearn for more content from you.

Have Some Consistency

Viewers are often discouraged by publishers who post amazing and relatable content and then go silent for weeks. This leaves them with your competition as an alternative. If your competition ups their game, then the chances are that you will lose a handful of followers. Be consistent in your posts to the extent that the audience can almost predict when to expect the next post from you.

Freeing up your schedule to come up with relevant content will both help you remain relevant while inviting more people to your side. In case you have a tight schedule, try as much as possible to post at least once per week.

Keep Your Audience Engaged With Some Conversation

Some games might be so engaging that you might find it tough to make comments, but this should not be the case since it is often a turn off for most gaming enthusiasts. Try to include some conversation in your game streaming sessions. For instance, you can comment on how to pass certain levels for tough games, and about the first impressions that a casual game gives you.

Alternatively, you can answer some of the questions that your viewers might post. While some of these might be game-related, others might be ways for them to try and know you better. Answering the questions with regard to your audience will make them even more interested in watching your streams.

Offer Incentives

The gaming industry is built around incentives where players get rewards for passing a certain level in the game. Use this to your advantage to encourage more viewers. In case you are only starting out, offer incentives that can be sent out digitally to save the extra shipping cost.

For instance, you can offer games, shopping coupons, and even game service subscriptions. If you are already established and have sponsors, you can opt to offer them something from your sponsor. It all trickles down to how well you understand your audience and the things that move them.

Consider Working with Other Gamers

While you might be a good gamer, you might not have the right amount of exposure to meet up with other gamers. To increase your exposure levels, why not appear in the streams by other prominent gamers? This partnership is typically symbiotic as you both will get viewers from each other’s fan base.

Similarly, you can allow other streamers to appear in your videos. You do not have to meet in person with the other gamer since most partners have never met offline. However, the partnership doesn’t have to be for the long term, and a one-time deal will suffice.

Share Your Social Pages

Some viewers might want to know and learn about you outside your streaming sessions. Since this is a sure way to gain an even larger viewership, why not share your social media details? Be sure to socialize with them and answer any questions that they may later have.

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However, this doesn’t mean that you need to befriend all of them, but the extra effort of interaction could mean volumes when it comes to building your streaming empire. Additionally, you do not have to keep on posting game-related content on the social media pages. Most viewers will be interested in how you live your life away from the games.


It’s the little details that matter when looking to engage more viewers for your streaming sessions. Aspects such as the audibility of your videos, the interactions you make and even consistency can either make or break your viewership as a game-content streamer. Consider upgrading your gaming routine using the above tips for a more successful venture into the game-streaming industry.

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