4 Must Have Kodi Addons


When it comes to Kodi, addons are , as they can make or break the system’s functionality and efficiency. However, these add-ons will let you as a user steps into turbulent waters without noticing it. That’s because many add-ons are not properly regulated by Kodi’s policies and terms of service, as Kodi is an open-source free app.

This means that not all addons are created equally. What’s more, not all addons are legal, as many of them are often created in order to download copyright-protected content and distribute it in an illegal manner (piracy).

However, that doesn’t have to be the reason to turn away from one of the biggest and most flexible streaming apps currently. There are many addons that are perfectly legal and worth trying because of the amazing features they have and the wide content variety that each one displays.

We show you the top 4 addons for Kodi so you can get the most out of the service.

How to Install Kodi Addons?
The general process for Installing any addon must be after you have installed a VPN that protects you from running into trouble for unintentionally stepping into illegal content.

Once that has been established you proceed with the following steps:

  • Select the gear “settings” icon
  • Click Settings System on the Settings Menu
  • Go to addon and select unknown sources < activate
  • Click settings again and go to file manager< add source
  • Click none and type the extension
  • Click Ok on the addon and name < return to home screen
  • Go to add-ons
  • Select box “add-ons” icon
  • Install from zip.
  • Select the addon name
  • Select repository file
  • Wait until notification of “addon has been installed” is showing
  • Go back and install from repository
  • Select the addon repository
  • Select video add-ons < name of add-on
  • Click install option
  • Wait until fully installed
  • Enjoy

1. Neptune Rising
The best part about this addon is that it is one of the most complete ones available, as it focuses on TV series as well as movies. Furthermore, the information displayed by categories is neat and complete so that if you want to search any kind of content whether that is for genres or for the year or the title, you can do so with Neptune Rising.

This app is supported by the development team, so it is important to keep in mind that this is an independent addon from Kodi.

2. Placenta
Mr. Blamo’s latest creation does not fail to deliver, as Placenta is the second Exodus fork along with Neptune Rising.

The best part of this addon is the exclusivity it offers to include channels that can only be accessed through premium tv streaming services like HBO or Showtime, without charging any additional fee.

On the same token, Placenta displays a wide variety of main films, some of them having been recently released or still in theaters.

3. Incursion
By being a fairly new add-on, Inversion provides a good variety of both TV shows and films that don’t fail to deliver.

The reason being that Incursion is a fork of the former Covenant. So the new add-on bets on being better than Covenant, as well as being efficient, lightweight, and easy to use.

4. Genesis Reborn
This addon was formerly known as Genesis and along with Elysium, was considered one of the most popular and powerful Kodi addons for a very long time, however, both of them have been shut down permanently.

Until now that Genesis has returned with a new face called Genesis Reborn and is climbing up the charts again as one of the best addons for TV and movie content.

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