New $75 Hybrid ANC Earbuds by Mobi DESTROY Apple’s AirPods Pro

Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds

Are you ready for some destruction? A new pair of headphones on Kickstarter is leaving headphones by Sony, Bose, Apple, and Google in the dust. They’re called Mobi. They’re the first hybrid true wireless earbuds powered by artificial intelligence. And they only cost $75.

Well, they’re $75 if you’re smart enough to pre-order on Kickstarter.

Mobi has broken almost all the rules when it comes to true wireless design. It’s turned hybrid ANC on its head by adding even more microphones. It’s altered the listening experience with AI feedback assistance. And it’s fattened up its speakers to boost audio quality in a time when everyone wants smaller earbuds.

It was risky, sure. But at this price, nobody can really say no to a premium pair of earbuds.

How do Mobi cost so little? Well, they don’t really. Mobi’s developers are hoping a super low price for early birds will guarantee some good press. And… it’s working!

There are about 2 weeks left to claim your Mobi earbuds on Kickstarter, so don’t miss out.

Below, we’ll give you the details on the new tech inside Mobi.

Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds

Hybrid ANC Earbuds on Steroids

Mobi’s next-generation hybrid ANC offers a completely new listening experience. Standard hybrid ANC is already considered the best ANC tech available—and Mobi takes it to a new level.

Here’s how.

Normal hybrid ANC features two microphones: a feedforward mic and a feedback mic. The feedforward mic listens to ambient noise and neutralizes it. The feedback mic analyzes your music as you hear it and cancels any additional noise that gets through the ANC barrier.

Mobi have an additional feedforward mic for a total of three ANC mics per earbud. This makes a huge difference. With two feedforward mics, Mobi’s ANC can perceive distance and motion. It can triangulate your position and detect sounds from 360˚ around you.

This delivers a much broader range of noise canceling. Mobi can catch high and low-frequency sounds that other earbuds can’t. This is further enhanced by the fact that Mobi’s ANC power is 50% stronger than that of other premium earbuds. Mobi’s 30 dB of ANC is much more comprehensive than the 20 dB of AirPods Pro, for example.

As a result, Mobi deliver the first full-frequency ANC experience in true wireless audio. Almost nothing can get between you and your music.

Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds

AI Feedback for Flawless Listening

Now, let’s talk about the feedback mic. Mobi’s feedback system is new too because it’s managed by an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Mobi’s AI is much more effective than a normal ANC program. It was “taught” to recognize 6000+ sounds, so it knows what your music should sound like.

The AI listens to your music and calls in real-time and makes adjustments to the quality. If the feedforward mics missed something, the AI will correct it by canceling the sound before it reaches your ears.

The AI also detects noises generated by the earbuds themselves. Any shifting noises in your ear canal or air pressure changes will be countered. It’s a truly flawless full-frequency ANC system.

Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds

Stay Aware in Transparency Mode

Mobi’s AI doesn’t stop there. It has its own dedicated ANC mode called Transparency Mode, which you can toggle on and off when you need it.

When this mode is active, the AI will filter certain sounds through the ANC barrier to your ears. These sounds include sirens, alarms, voices speaking to you, digital assistants like Alexa and Google, and more.

It does this by passing the sounds through the speaker, so you’re sure to hear them.

Transparency mode allows you to enjoy the sound-proofing power of Mobi’s ANC without losing touch with your surroundings. It makes listening safer on the go, especially for joggers and bikers. And, it lets you have a conversation without taking out your earbuds or even pausing your music.

It’s a much more convenient way to enjoy your music.

Bigger Drivers for Studio Sound

Mobi answered a question that many have been asking about true wireless audio: How do you get bigger, studio-quality sound from little earbuds?

The answer was pretty simple, actually. You just get bigger speakers!

Most earbuds are trying to get sleeker and smaller. Mobi went the other direction and fattened their earbuds up so they could fit massive 12mm drivers inside.

These speakers are 2-3x larger than those in other earbuds, and the difference is clear. Mobi’s audio is BIG. You can feel it all around you as if you were in a studio.

The effects are amplified when the ANC is active. When Mobi start playing, the world around you clicks off and your music takes over.

Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds

Ultra Durable and Waterproof

At this price, you might think Mobi are fragile little things. No way.

Mobi are sealed and reinforced to prevent damage from falls, shock, and debris. The touch controls are button-free, so there are no creases to expose the interior.

Mobi are IPX6 rated for waterproof protection, which is higher than about 90% of earbuds on the market. They can withstand any rain, no matter how hard, as well as heavy perspiration. You can even wear them in the shower.

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that can survive hikes, climbs, workouts, monsoons, and hurricanes, Mobi is it.

100-hour Battery (with AI-boosted Efficiency)

We were a bit shocked by the battery efficiency of Mobi. It’s hard to believe they get 10 hours of playback per charge. That level of battery life is one of the best we’ve seen. Though it’s not unheard of, we didn’t know how Mobi could last that long with all those mics and ANC modes.

The reason is the AI-assisted ANC. When the ANC is active, the AI constantly adjusts the power levels, so it only uses the power needed to cancel each incoming sound. This drastically reduces the energy consumption and allows Mobi to play for 9 hours even with the hybrid ANC active (that’s compared to about 4 hours from AirPods Pro).

The carrying case holds an additional 90 hours. When fully charged, you’re looking at 100 hours of playback. You shouldn’t have to charge these things for months. Though when you do, you’ll get a full charge in just 2 hours thanks to USB Type-C fast charging. The case is also compatible with Qi for wireless charging.

Mobi Are Premium Headphones at an Insane Price

To be honest, we’re not sure HOW these earbuds are going for such a low price. But we aren’t complaining.

Just be warned: Early-bird prices are slipping away, so if you don’t pre-order Mobi soon, you’ll get stuck paying full price later.

Go to the campaign and grab your Mobi now for just $75. They come with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no reason not to give them a shot.

Mobi cost about 70% less than most premium true wireless earbuds, but they do so much more. Nobody else has ANC like this, not to mention the AI algorithm and the 100-hour battery. Plus, very few earbuds are this durable.

Want to learn more? Go to to see these headphones in action.

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