Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Social Media

These days, social media is the best method for advertising or marketing product quality, brand, and cost. Most business organizations using social media techniques for doing the advertising and promoting of their organization. It is the most cost-effective digital marketing method for increasing business visibility. Social media is the best strategy for increasing brand awareness in the number of customers. There are different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, and many others. Social media is the best method of promoting a business on the online platform and making the numbers of customers.

With the help of social media sites, many people are connected to each other through the internet. People can mostly use Facebook for sharing knowledge about any new topic and awareness about different places. An online social networking website is an example of Facebook. Facebook can be used by many people and different communities. With the help of Facebook, different community people can communicate each other without any hesitation. The user can easily build a better relationship with friends, family, and colleagues.

Most people are bending their necks all the time on smartphones, then this situation is very difficult. They sit on the chair and use the smartphones to continue then users are suffering from different health issues such as spine suffer from constant pressure. Chronic back pain and neck pain. The light of the screen is very harmful effects on the eye. There are most people are suffering with the sleep deprivation and the ending time people are more aggressive and inability concentrates.

Some disadvantages of social media for kids and teenager:
Social media is an important part of social life for many teenagers and children, but social media has risks as well as benefits. Many children and teenagers can use social media for fun, make friends, share interests, and explore the identities of different peoples. Social media offers the best feature for teenagers to make the friends based on shared interests. There is some disadvantage of using social media such as:

  • Health Issues: Using the social media is very harmful for health. Most people can continue to use social media by sitting in one place and waste the number of hours on social media. Then, using social media sites as for a long time, then the user can suffer from different health issues such as mentally as well as physically.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Most users can use social media sites at all times without taking proper sleep. Then, they suffer from sleep deprivation.
  • Addiction to the Internet: Some users are using the social media sites or internet as uncontrollable. Internet addiction has linked the user to depression or self-injury situation.
  • Study Disturbance: The children and teenagers are using social media sites a long time then they do not concentrate on study properly.

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