Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds
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New $75 Hybrid ANC Earbuds by Mobi DESTROY Apple’s AirPods Pro

Are you ready for some destruction? A new pair of headphones on Kickstarter is leaving headphones by Sony, Bose, Apple, and Google in the dust. They’re called Mobi. They’re the first hybrid true wireless earbuds…

HAVIT I39 Bluetooth Earbuds
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HAVIT I39 Bluetooth Earbuds Unboxing

Hello everyone! Today, we have another gadget unboxing to share with you, and this time it is the HAVIT I39 Bluetooth Earbuds courtesy of the folks from HAVIT. I received the package they sent last…

giant ipod earbuds

Giant iPod Earbuds

UPDATE: The 500XL iPod earbuds will be available soon for $39.99 at Perpetual Kid. Check out this gigantic 500XL iPod earbuds from Fred&friends! It’s 500 times the size of an original iPod earbud. Giant iPod…

xFyro AI-Powered Headphones
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xFyro Back with Insane AI-Powered Headphones

Do you remember xFyro? A few years ago, they raised over $2M on Indiegogo and practically broke the internet with their ARIA headphones. Now, they’re back with an all-new breakthrough in true wireless audio—artificial intelligence.…

Technology Health Fitness
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Using Technology to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Technology has played a big role in improving the world. Health and fitness have fully incorporated technology in an amazing way. If you want to stay fit today, you should consider embracing the use of…


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Hardware for Overwatch Tournaments

Overwatch is a global powerhouse that has tournaments available for people of all skill levels. You can take the path to the pros by starting in the Overwatch Open Division and working your way up,…

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6 Technologies To Become A Real-Life Cyborg

Thanks to Hollywood creations like Iron Man and RoboCop, the fantasy of living as a real-life cyborg has become increasingly attainable to those with the financial means. A cyborg, for the uninitiated, is a person…

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #226

Hi everyone and welcome to the 226th edition of the Weekend Roundup! Hope you’re all doing fine and had a good weekend. As usual, we’ve collected a bunch of interesting and informative links from the…

playstation 4 pro giveaway

Playstation 4 Pro Prize Pack Giveaway

Hey guys! We’re excited to share with you another awesome giveaway. This time, we have partnered with our friends over from Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment and other sponsors like Togoo Tech, Kworld and Hamswan.…