10 Genius Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Parenting Hacks

Ask a lot of parents, and they will agree that it takes a lot of effort to raise a child. Sometimes we internally scream for help and shrug off nannies because we know we want what is best for our kids and will go through hell and back for them.

We understand that sentiment and appreciate you for being the parents your kid wants you to be. But let’s be honest for just a bit. We want things to be a little teeny weensy easy with how we raise our kids. We have grown to the point that a 5 minutes rest will be pure bliss. So we are here to give you a few tips and hacks to make resting more accessible for you.

Inflatable Pools Make Great Play Areas

If you are looking for an ingenious way to keep your young one occupied while you work around the house, get the inflatable pool set in your backend drawer, place additional cushions, a bed, and your baby’s favorite toys. We are sure that your kid will be ecstatic to have his or her own palace. The rubbery inflated borders of the pool act as a soft and cushiony barrier so that your kids will not suffer any injuries while looking for you.


Use a Box

Children are so creative with their imagination. They always find things that they would like to write around the wall with. You can alleviate this by putting your child inside the box, alongside a trusty crayon. Let him or her color on the four sides. However, crayons are choking hazards that might be ingested if you look away. So we advise you to practice this with caution. If you firmly believe that your kid is able or unable, the decision is really up to you.

Pool Noodles Are Your Best Friend

Pool noodles are really exceptional, and after reading this, you might be raring to go to the shop and stack on it. Pool noodles can be used as an alternative for a lot of things that will surely help your kids be safer. This is one of the cheapest ways to baby proof the edges of a table. Simply attach it, and you’re done. You can also use this to the edge of your child’s mattress, so he or she does not fall over. You will find a lot of places you can apply this to as an added security.


Recycle and Be Creative

If you are still in touch with your creative and resourceful side, then parenting will be more of a piece of cake for you. Being able to use simple things and creating masterpieces with your kids is the best experience you can give them when they are young. So sit in your thinking chair and try to make an activity about everything. Your children will appreciate the extra effort you are willing to put out when they are older. An example of being resourceful and creative is setting up a treasure hunt for things you can’t seem to find.

Try Playing Some Dessert Games

We already know that you can’t keep sweets off of a child’s mouth. Some kids love candies so much that they act out a more child-friendly version of Liam Neeson’s Taken. “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will eat you.” So to up your game, try hiding them in packs they don’t want to get near to, like vegetables or bean bags.

Tie Hairs Faster

If you are a father, hair is probably one of the second things you would fear. From your wife’s, your child’s hair, and your daughters’ dolls, managing hair will surely bring out the monster from any man. No fear my brothers, you can manage hairs as easy as one, two, three with this hack. Simply get the vacuum cleaner and suck that hair in, then lightly push the rubberband you have placed in the nozzle to seal the deal. When it comes to dolls though, you can soak the hair in dishwashing soap or even conditioner, whichever will work just fine.


Always Prioritize Safety

There are so many red flags that you should manage before your baby could even crawl. From toxic chemicals and disastrous tools to electrical and sharp edges, your home has suddenly become a minefield. When matters like this run around your head all the time, you should learn a few safety tips that could help you ease a bit more. One of them is to use a small container for electrical extensions and plug your outlets with special plugs that would cover up the holes. When it comes to the bathroom, the most dangerous things there are the sink, toilet, and bathtub. To be honest, your kids should not be there unsupervised so invest in purchasing some safety stuff. Get discounts at any Lazada Philippines Sale if you are planning to buy online.

Stickers and Shoes Go Together

We all know the hardships of putting shoes on because our kids can’t. Here’s one way to teach them how to put their shoes on in a fun and creative way. Cut a sticker in half and place them inside the shoes. This will teach your kids which one to put in the correct place by becoming a more interesting indicator than L or R.

Play and Clean

Now it is time to teach your kids to pick up after playing. Moms usually spend about 2 to 3 hours a day or more picking up their children’s scattered toys. You will have more time for other matters when that problem is gone. So teach your kids early and make picking up after playing a more interactive game. Place a basketball hoop right above a container that holds the toys and play while cleaning up.

Make Bath Time Play Time

One of the most parent-child bonding moments come from bath times. Here, you can do a lot of hacks to make it more interactive, like making sure that your kids are safe by giving them some pool noodles to float with or putting them in a basket so that their toys don’t drift off.

So there you have it. Some hacks to shorten clean-up time, secure your child’s safety, and create fun ways to interact with them. And as a parent, if you plan on buying any of the materials mentioned above, it is best to look for coupons and deals on ShopBack to save more money.

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