Follow These Tips to Create Stellar Ed Tech Landing Pages

Landing Pages

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re planning out a marketing strategy? A killer landing page! Indeed, it is a very crucial aspect of marketing online and plays a vital role in either making or breaking a lead. But, is creating a landing page a painstaking and cumbersome task for you? Are you tired of creating landing pages that don’t convert? Well, worry not! We are here to your rescue as we offer some really important tips which must be taken care of while creating a landing page, be it for any domain or industry. Read on to find out!

Start With A Relevant And Attractive Headline

It is one of the most crucial elements in a landing page copy. Either you win it or you lose it with your headline. So, make sure your headline is relevant enough for your users and attractive at the same time to draw their attention. Your audience must get a clear picture of what you have in store for them just by reading your headline.

Incorporate visual elements to grab user’s attention

Images are the best way to grab the attention of your prospects as it is rightly said that a human mind process images 65,000 times faster than plain content. It can undoubtedly be said that incorporating images on your landing page increases its chances of conversions and generating more leads. However, make sure you do not include images that negatively impact the page load time as users will just move to other websites. In addition, try to include images of real people as users feel more connected.
For instance, when creating a landing page that aims to offer a discount on a new course, you can add images of happy students who have already undertaken it.

Push Notifications Are The New IN

With reference to a recent study, marketers experience 50% higher open rate on push notifications as compared to emails. Undoubtedly, that’s a huge difference! And, this reason alone is enough for you to adopt this innovation on your landing page. However, make sure that these are non-intrusive and provide a user experience to customers. For example, ed tech businesses use browser notifications to offer the newly released discount codes in regard to any latest course offerings to their target audience which will influence their buying decision. These when combined with mobile notifications produce terrific results!

Use Live Chat To Help Your Target Audience

Even if you do your job right of making your landing pages easily comprehensible, providing clear and actionable CTAs alongside being easier to navigate yet there are chances of your audience getting stuck somewhere in between. So, including a live chat option is a fruitful decision as it will keep the customers engaged and in turn generate more leads. Moreover, humans tend to enjoy being offered humanitarian assistance and support as it makes their journey easier. Hence, it is easier to move potential customers at the bottom of the sales funnel by introducing live chat on your landing page.

Add Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth has been the greatest marketing technique for quite a long and it continues to remain so hence all marketers must abide by this approach. As it is, if a customer comes to your web page doesn’t mean he/she is already convinced to buy the product/service you have on offer for them. So, adding customer testimonials is relevant in this case and one of the best marketing techniques to share your past customer experience which in turn not only creates brand awareness and adds value to it but also enhances the overall credibility thereby leading to increased conversions.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement these tips to make killer and responsive landing pages. Some of the other points which must be considered are A/B testing every component of your landing page, offer incentives, provide clear and compelling CTAs, and others alike. Get set and enhance user experience alongside influencing customers’ purchasing decisions.

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