TCL Launches AAT Inverter+ Refrigerators in Philippines as Part of “Health Is Premium” Campaign

TCL AAT Inverter+ Refrigerators Launched in the Philippines

Alongside working with local communities to increase education on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in time for National Nutrition Month

MANILA, PHILIPPINESMedia OutReach – 8 July 2023 – TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s top two TV brand, today announces the launch of its latest Automatic Anion-releasing Technology (AAT) Inverter+ Refrigerators as part of its mission to bring innovative smart domestic appliances to health-conscious audiences in the Philippines, in alignment with a new campaign “Health Is Premium” launched in conjunction with National Nutrition Month.

The Philippines National Nutrition Council (NNC) announced that July would be designated as Nutrition Month and would be dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of nutrition to Filipinos. TCL, a proud advocate of the region, is a brand on a mission to help all consumers, including those in the Philippines, to lead healthier, more extraordinary lives. TCL is set to announce a new campaign during Nutrition Month, to help spread the word on the importance of fresh, healthy nutrition for all.

AAT for a Healthier, Anti-bacterial, and Odor Free Refrigerator

Besides working on the new campaign, TCL is pioneering technology that will help benefit the health of consumers across the region, starting with preserving the freshness of the food they eat with its line of health-focused refrigerators.

TCL’s health technology, Automatic Anion-releasing Technology (AAT) is available in its latest lineup of Refrigerators. AAT entails a special mineral material being added to the cabinet lining in order to make the refrigerator bacteriostatic and amplify its purification and antioxidation properties. The material, a rare natural tourmaline ore, works by efficiently releasing negative oxygen ions which results in a 4-in-1 function of preventing bacteria, odor removal, dust removal, and antioxidation.

Negative ions work by attacking bacteria, causing them to fall to the ground where they can be removed, effectively eradicating 90% more bacteria and viruses than ordinary disinfectants. The same principle can be applied to dust particles, further purifying the air. What’s more, the properties of negative ions also contribute to the migration and deposition of odor-causing particles, breaking down matter so it can be successfully neutralized leaving the fridge smelling clean.

The Best-in-Class AAT Inverter+ Refrigerator Designed to Suit All the Family’s Needs

On top of entrusting AAT technology to keep the contents of your fridge as fresh as possible, the AAT Inverter+ Refrigerators has many other smart features consumers can benefit from.

With a large capacity of 222L, 272L, or 308L depending on the specific model, there is plenty of room for a whole family’s groceries.

Better still, the inbuilt Twin Eco Inverter provides more accurate temperature control whilst reducing energy consumption and noise, making it quieter, more eco-friendly, and less expensive to run with easy-to-use operations and added high-spec functions like Power Cool and Power Freeze for faster cooling and freezing capabilities, the AAT Inverter+ Refrigerator really is one of the best value refrigerators on the market.

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