Lenovo Pocket Yoga UMPC

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

The mysterious netbook that had images floating around lately was confirmed today when Lenovo posted teaser images on their photo feed. It turns out to be a concept system called the Lenovo Pocket Yoga which has a very similar design/concept as the Sony Vaio P although this one was conceived two years ago.

Based on the leaked photos, the Lenovo Pocket Yoga has touchscreen support via stylus and has the ability to be converted into a tablet pc by flipping the display backwards.

It looks like Sony is not the only gearing towards creating pocketable netbooks. The Lenovo Pocket Yoga is still considered as an “experiment” or “concept system” and there are no specs available for it as of now but it won’t be surprising if they release it or something similar in the near future.

Additional Photos:

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

The Lenovo Pocket Yoga looks nice and very portable. This device is ideal for people who are always on the go and need something to do certain tasks while traveling or while out of the office like check emails, create/edit/send documents, take down notes and surf the web. It would be nice if they’d also have it in black leather.

What do you think of Lenovo’s Pocket Yoga concept UMPC? What features would you want it to have? Would you buy one if they released it?

[via Lenovo teases “Pocket Yoga” mini-laptop]

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  1. @John – They must have encountered some issues in production, if not it would’ve already been released. You’re right, if Lenovo released this for a lesser price than the Sony Vaio P, it would’ve easily beat it.

    Sony products tend to be expensive and use proprietory hardware/software. That’s true, the tablet pc feature/option makes it much better and more convenient to use than the Sony Vaio P or other netbook.

    With that, I think you can call them overconfident or conceited? LOL

  2. two years in the drawing board but hasn't taken off yet to the retail shelf?

    had it done so, it would have toppled against Sony Vaio P series, and slam its insanely high price unto its face.

    Lenovo not only cram beautiful elegant pursebook into this package, it integrates a tablet styled computing device as well– a sure plus for convenience.

    the thing with Sony is that, they have this arcane belief that "when we build it, people buy it."

  3. @aldrin – I hope so too. If Lenovo came up with something like this 2 years ago, I can’t wait with what they have for us now. I’m pretty sure they’ll release something like this soon. :D

  4. @Ade – Yeah, it looks nicer than the Sony Vaio P plus this thing of beauty can also be used as a tablet pc. Too bad this is just an “experiment” or concept system. Hopefully Lenovo would release it or something like it soon.

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