Infinite USB

Infinite USB

Here’s a very cool concept from Gonglue Jiang that addresses one of the issues/problems many of us face these days – running out of USB ports. The Infinite USB as its called won the IF Concept Award 2010 given out by International Forum Design.

Here’s a short description on the Infinite USB:

While the laptop is getting smaller, the USB ports are getting less and limited. But more and more devices are using USB port. So this IniniteUSB can solve this problem. When there is a new USB device plug in and occupied one USB port, at the same time, it provides one more USB port. If more and more USB devices are designed the plug like this. There won’t be any limitation of the number of USB port anymore. Also, the colorful design helps users recognize the device easily, and makes a series of USB plug more vivid.

Infinite USB

Infinite USB

I’m not sure how many Infinite USB plugs you can pile up on each other before the functionality and usability suffers but this does look like a very good idea. The color coded plugs makes it easier for the user to identify which plug belongs to which device. But then, as the number of USB ports stacked together increases, it becomes bulkier and the need for an external power (AC adapter) is still required. However, this is still a very clever and unique idea that could work and could be useful for some users. I really admire people like Gonglue Jiang who can come up with very innovative and clever ideas.

What do you guys think of the Infinite USB concept? Would you rather use this over a USB hub? What ways or situations can the Infinite USB be useful or more ideal to use than a conventional USB hub? Please share your thoughts.

[via Yanko Design]

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  1. It looks like a composite usb device that contains a hub. If that is the case there would be a limit to the number of cascading devices.

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