Asus Color E-Reader

Asus Color E-reader

ASUSTek or more commonly known as Asus, is about to enter the e-reader market with its own version of the e-book reader. The Taiwanese company who created and popularized the netbook is cooking up a dual-screen (touchscreen) e-reader called the Asus Color E-Reader that has a hinged spine and opens up like a regular book. The user can use the touchscreen to “turn” the pages from one screen to the other.

The dual-screen is not limited to only reading e-books as it can also be used for multi-tasking – the user can use one part of the screen to browse and surf the web, post Facebook or Twitter updates or blog while reading an e-book on the other screen. Another feature that makes this e-book reader unique from previous and current e-readers is that it will have a colored display instead of the usual monochrome (black and white).

According to an Asus spokesperson, the company is planning to release two versions of this color e-reader – a budget version and a premium version with the latter having more features. There are no exact details yet but this device particularly the premium version might have speakers and a webcam. With that said, this device might just not only be an e-reader but a completely different type of touchscreen netbook that will be released under the Eee line.

Here’s another photo of what the Asus Color E-reader could look like:
Asus E-reader

Aside from the dual-screen and colored display, the upcoming Asus E-reader would have a lower price compared to the Amazon Kindle 2 or Sony Reader or other competing e-readers. The Asus Color E-reader could probably cost around $150 for the budget version and the premium version or other versions slightly costing more depending on the added specs or features.

With better features and a lower price, the Asus Color E-reader could shake up and revolutionize the e-reader market just like what the netbook did to the UMPC market.

Does anyone here own an Amazon Kindle or any other digital e-book reader? Would you be interested with Asus upcoming color e-reader? What other features would you like to see added to regular e-readers?

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    1. @pedro, my nkita po ako sm annex north edsa 5th floor. i juz don’t know if their genuine ahh. nook color and amazon kindle. u cud check it out? then, u cud tell me, how much is it? ahehehehe.. thanks!

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