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Best WordPress Tip Ever!

Are you a WordPress user or professional? Do you want to be better at using or developing for WordPress? Check out this best WordPress tip!

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If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines…

Found this funny article while surfing the web. It tells about what happens if the different commercial airlines were run by different operating systems. Some

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Digg Style WordPress Dashboard

Teddy Hwang, a site designer was having a bad week. His creative juices wasn’t flowing and it was affecting his work. So in his frustration


What is OpenID?

OpenID has been a hot topic lately. A few days ago, AOL announced it’s support for the system. Then recently, Digg’s Kevin Rose also announced

MyBlogLog Hack
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MyBlogLog Hack?

I’m sure most of you guys who come and visit my blog know about MyBlogLog or what it is. Most of you are even in

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Malicious Friendster Javascript

Last night, as I was logged in to my Friendster account, I viewed my cousin’s profile after accepting his request to add him as a

CoolIT Beverage Chiller

Look What I Got!

After I posted my entry Friday afternoon, I didn’t login anymore to my WP Dashboard. Then Saturday night, as I was moderating comments and checking

Yahoo! Pipes

Create Master Feeds w/ Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. With Yahoo! Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant. Since Yahoo!

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Googe or Google?

Most of us are familiar with Google Doodles, the modified version of the Google logo which is used on holidays, birthdays of famous people or

i love you
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Spread Love not Viruses

The title may be misleading. This post is about computer viruses. In some parts of the world, people are already celebrating Valentine’s Day. During this

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Blog Updates 02.07

UPDATED: 02/14/07 You might or might not have noticed the changes in some parts of my blog so I’m gonna talk about it in detail,


More Downtime

Experienced more downtime on JaypeeOnline. My blog has been inaccessible for the last 10-12 hours. Since 8 pm of last night, my web host’s hosting

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2007 Philippine Blog Awards

Now here’s something to look forward to: A few hours ago, Abe announced the soft-launch of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards over at Aren’t

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Trig – Myspace Killer?

Trig is a new social networking site. Although Trig is still in it’s Beta version, it has a lot of potential to compete with Myspace

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Powered by WordPress

Powered by WordPress is a new blog directory for blogs running WordPress or hosted at This is a project of Vamsi Gangavalli that aims

2000 bloggers project
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2000 Bloggers – Link Farm?

Recently I joined a project called the 2000 Bloggers. Tino Buntic was the person behind this project. The purpose of his brain child was to


A Little Downtime

Experienced a little downtime earlier today. I don’t know if you noticed it, but this blog was totally inaccessible. I was trying out a new

No Blog, No Sex

Wife to Hubby: “No Blog, No Sex!”

Now who’d have thought that blogging would get you laid? Hehe After numerous failed efforts to motivate her husband to start blogging on a regular