WP Theme Review: Mansion Photoblog Theme

Photography is getting more and more popular these days and with that, more people are also showcasing their works (photos) on the Internet thru their online portfolio, blogs, personal websites or social networks. Whether you’re a professional photographer, hobbyist or a photoblogger looking for a cool WordPress theme to display your work, then you should check out this free WordPress theme I’m featuring today.

This free photoblogging theme for WordPress that I’m sharing with you today is called Mansion. This theme was created and released by Graphic Paper Press, the same site that gave us the Work-A-Holic portfolio style WordPress theme.

Here’s a short introduction from the theme authors:

Mansion is a free photoblogger’s theme for WordPress. It features a flexible-width thumbnail grid for both images and photo journal entries. Mansion is perfect for those who want to primarily showcase their photographs and occasionally write blog posts.

Basic Features:

  • Clean grid layout
  • Post thumbnails
  • Menu customization
  • Fully widgetized
  • Compatible with IE 7 & 8, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox

Mansion WordPress Theme

Mansion WordPress Theme

Post page
Mansion WordPress Theme

IMPORTANT: Graph Paper Press requires users to sign-up with a valid email address to download their themes.

My Take:
The Mansion photo blogging theme is another beautiful freemium WordPress theme from Graphic Paper Press. It has all the features and options that most photobloggers need in a WordPress theme. I really love the design and look of the homepage with the thumbnails and I also love how it has a flexible width layout, making it compatible with any screen size/resolution. I’m in the process of creating and uploading my photoblog and will be using the Mansion theme for it.

There’s nothing much else to say about the Mansion WordPress theme because the theme speaks for itself. Kudos to the folks of Graphic Paper Press for creating this beautiful photoblogging theme and releasing it for FREE to the WordPress community.

Preview or Download the Mansion photoblogging theme for WordPress.

NOTE: This theme was scanned using the Theme Authenticity Checker and doesn’t contain any hidden or encrypted code.

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  1. another great find bai. I have notice that most photo blogs looks good with a black background. Probably because I like black. I like the layout. Thanks for sharing.

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