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Dashboard Notepad WordPress Plugin

In the past, whenever I got an idea for a new blog post I would use Evernote to write down those ideas so I won’t forget about it. That method was an effective and convenient

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WP Plugin Review: ServerBuddy

A couple months back, a faulty server configuration at Network Solutions shared hosting boxes led to many WordPress blogs getting hacked. The security flaw allowed other users on the same box to read other users’

search regex
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WP Plugin Review: Search Regex

Have you experienced manually editing your blog posts to remove pieces of code from an old plugin? I have. Or having to manually go through all your posts to change image directory names/URL paths? I

fluency admin dashboard
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WP Plugin Review: Fluency Admin

Some of the most popular posts here on JaypeeOnline are the ones that were part of the Pimp My WP Dashboard series. I’m sure those of you who have been long time readers are familiar

comment info detector
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WP Plugin Review: Comment Info Detector

I’ve received some inquiries regarding the tiny icons (flag, web browser and OS) displayed beside the commentators name for each comment left here on JaypeeOnline. I promised that I’d blog about the plugin that I

google syntax highlighter
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WP Plugin Review: Google Syntax Highlighter

UPDATE: I’m no longer using this plugin, the Google Syntax Highlighter because as of this time it is not compatible with WordPress 2.8+. I’ll be posting about the new syntax highlighter WordPress plugin that I’m

wp member plugin
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WP Plugin Review: WP-Member

DISCLAIMER: The following is not a paid review and completely my own honest opinion regarding the product. Some of you might remember WP Member as one of the sponsors of my recent Christmas Giveaway and

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WP Plugin Review: Dash-Note

Dash-Note is a useful plugin for WordPress users who need something to organize and remind them of their blogging tasks and ideas. Basically, it works like a Post-It note for your WP Dashboard. This plugin

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WP Plugin: Better Comments Manager 1.3

Techi Buzz has recently updated the Better Comments Manager plugin to version 1.3. One of the major upgrades is the compatibility with Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin. Here are some of the changes/improvements made from the

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WordPress Plugin & Mod Competition Winners

Update: A certain Spanish blog has pointed out some security issues in these plugins that involves CSRF* and XSS* vulnerabilities. Some of the plugin authors are pissed off because the blogger didn’t contact them first