WP Plugin Review: WP-Member

WP-Member WordPress Plugin

DISCLAIMER: The following is not a paid review and completely my own honest opinion regarding the product.

Some of you might remember WP Member as one of the sponsors of my recent Christmas Giveaway and provided the licenses for the WP Member WordPress plugin as prizes. A couple months before the Christmas Giveaway, Dave of WP Member contacted me and asked me to do a review of WP-Member WordPress Plugin.

What exactly is WP-Member?

WP-Member is an advanced membership, subscription & content management plugin for wordpress. It is highly configurable, but yet so easy to use that you will never have to know any code. Unlike other membership plugins that lock down your entire site, wp-Member provides you with a multi layered membership system within your blog. However, WP-Member also provides you with the option to lock down your site and only allow access to members.


  • Hide content from unregistered members
  • Protect entire posts, pages & categories
  • Setup unlimited user access levels
  • Setup unlimited subscriptions for each user access level
  • Select which posts, pages & categories can be seen by each user access level
  • All user subscriptions are automatically managed & renewed via Paypal IPN
  • Charge users a recurring subscription or one off payment for access

General Settings
WP Member General Settings

Simple Newsletter
WP Member Simple Newsletter

WP Member Messages Page

Registration Customization
WP Member Registration Customization

1 Site License: €19.99 per year (Approx: £15.75 / $31.32)
5 Site License: €32.99 per year (Approx: £25.99 / $51.70)
10 Site License: €49.99 per year (Approx: £39.40 / $78.34)

My Take:
First of all, WP Member is not for everyone. This premium WordPress plugin was designed basically for blogs that have registered members or subscribers like forums, blogs that provide premium content on a subscription basis or any blog that wishes to keep some of its content private to the public and only available for registered users or members.

The WP Member section in the WordPress dashboard is divided into 7 sections. First is the Members section which shows the list of registered users or members and their account details. Next is the Simple Newsletter which lets the administrator/blog owner send newsletters or any message to subscribers. In General Settings, the administrator can specify the main email address, mailer, SMTP server, username and password. In this section, the blog can also be configured to be available to registered users or to the public. Next section is the Subscription Settings where the membership levels can be created and customized. The Messages section is where the welcome message and terms & conditions are generated. Gateways is where the PayPal options are configured. The last section, Registration Customization is where the registration fields are created, edited and organized.

Although WP Member is an advance membership, subscription & content management plugin, it doesn’t require HTML, CSS or PHP coding skills/knowledge. With WP Member you can hide/protect posts, pages and categories and make them available only to your members or registered users. If you have several levels of membership or subscription, you can also select which level of membership can view certain content. With the use of a simple code, you can even hide portions of a post and make it as a teaser for unregistered users. WP-Member was created to work closely with WordPress code to ensure maximum compatibility with other WordPress plugins that the blog may use.

Overall, WP Member is a very good membership,subscription and content management plugin. The user interface is user friendly and straight forward, its also integrated into the WordPress dashboard so WordPress users won’t have much of an issue with it. However, there’s one thing that can be an issue for most users and that is the installation. Installing WP Member is a little bit complicated because it requires IonCube, a PHP extension used to decode encrypted PHP files. Its not that difficult to install but most users aren’t familiar with it and I’m not sure if all hosting providers support it. So make sure to check with your hosting provider first before purchasing WP Member. You can also ask your hosting provider if IonCube is available in your hosting package or ask them to install it for you.

If you decide to use/purchase WP Member, the people from Smart Media Pro (company behind WP Member) will be more than willing to help you with the installation or any issues you might have with setting up and configuration of the WP Member plugin.

To learn more about WP Member Plugin, you can visit the WP Member website or their interactive FAQ page.

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  1. This is old thread, but came across it via search so figured I’d update for anyone else that sees this. After reading all the comments I was still interested in the product but worried about the negativity here so I emailed the company. Got GREAT response back from their support people AND the NEW owner of the company!

    Buying tomorrow and will post another comment updating on how the tool works for me but I must say the response from them so far has been damn good!

  2. Our product is an advanced plugin however, it is easy to use and provides multi level membership and protection of posts. Even though it is easy to use, there will still be certain individuals that may have problems with installing it or may find certain incompatibilities with their setup especially IonCube.

    We provide free install should this be the case. We have always provided our customers with assistance should they ask for it. Our support team (such as Eliza) will always try to find a solution and even take you through the steps so that a customer is informed and educated.

    There are common issues such as an incompatibility of our plugin with other plugins that perform the same tasks. Some customers have installed a different plugin that basically performs the same task but is less secure or less capable of multi-level membership. Naturally this would cause an incompatibility and neither one would work. All one needs to do is contact our support team and we will look into the issue and make it work.

    There will always be a dissatisfied customer for one reason or another. We, however, strive to make sure that the customer’s issues or concerns are given attention and are researched for a solution. We believe that is our competitive edge.

    What we suggest is that customers contact us first with their issues (and please be specific about them because we get customers who just say they have an issue and leave it at that) and we will research it and will provide the answers. It could be as simple as an incorrect process of extraction and installing or it could be something else. We have a team who does support and are willing to assist. Sometimes, you just have to ask and work with us.

  3. Kris,

    As we have explained, our product is encrypted for the protection of our customers and ourselves. As we have explained in the ticket you’ve raised with us. We have offered our assistance in your request for customization but you chose not to coordinate with our support team – who was willing to investigate and determine how we could make such requests.

  4. I would suggest staying away from smartmediapro’s member module. It’s encrypted source means you can’t make the simplest change to the source!

    Instead support, WP-Member which is written by cbutlerjr. His code is GPL complaint and he’s a active member to the WordPress community.

  5. Brian,

    Your statements regarding SmartMediaPro and WP-member being scammers are untrue and defamatory. As such, we request that you remove these comments immediately or we shall be forced to take legal action.

    We have tried to communicate with you to address your issues but you respond by posting these slanderous and libelous comments about us.


    1. This information could not be more true, we have posted this information on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. We need to make the community aware of how terrible WP-Member, SmartMediaPro’s quality and customer service is.

      One thing for people that don’t know. Even though you pay through paypal, simply call your bank or credit card provider and report it, they will credit you and go after them. They first get the money back from Paypal so Paypal goes after them.

      Thank you,
      David Simpson
      Epicio Inc.

  6. Complete waste of cash luckily i only paid $40 im disputing with PayPal to get my money back its only until you actually purchase the plugin that you realise you need to config your server which isn’t always possible on a shared host.


    don’t know what the plugin is like as i’ve not been able to use it!

  7. Has anyone actually got WP-Member working, or is it a complete scam?

    My personal experience with the product were nightmarish, I never got the product to work, even after several weeks (and some sleepless nights) battling with it (and trying everything). “Support” weren’t very supportive either.

    Maybe there needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit against Dave and Smart Media Pro. People need to be protected from the lost productivity this causes. Dave should not be able to continue to do business.

  8. Wow! What a bad experience. I guess I didn’t do my research before buying this plugin. I chose this plugin mostly on price, but am greatly regretting doing that. The plugin is difficult to install (I had to call my webhost for support with the ionCube thing), and the knowledge base is difficult to follow. After 3 days of trying to get it to work and pulling my hair out I asked for a refund. Guess what? They don’t do refunds. Yes, there ARE digital products that give refunds, most notably all Clickbank products. And if I had bought a tangible good, like a refrigerator, I definitely could get a refund for it for no reason at all (probably minus a re-stocking fee). SmartMediPro should stand behind their product and offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. “If not fully satisfied with the product you can get your money back in the first 30 days”. Now that I can’t get a refund I should turn around and sell it on eBay. Hey, if the digital product is now mine I get to do with it whatever I want, right?

  9. UPDATE: I didn’t get a response from my ticket to CS, however when trying to make another from the client area (logged in) I noticed the product key in a select field. So I used that and the product doesn’t throw anymore errors.

    Maybe I went through the purchase too quick but I will note that I did not get the key via email, nor do I remember seeing this in any instruction.

    Hopefully the software is good! I take back my comments about staying away because of the key error! (unless it’s a total POS).

  10. I just purchased the 39.99 version and I’m NOT happy at all so far. First it requires ionCube to be installed which I didn’t see before purchasing… After getting the needed server “module” and installing the wp-member, it says invalid license… When I click on the support link, it basically says I have to pay extra for support!


    I opened a customer support ticket and if they don’t get this issue fixed, I am willing to spend what it takes to make sure everyone knows that this is a scam!

  11. I have to say what is really annoying about this plugin is the name. Since I released WP-Members in 2006, several other “commercial” plugins have been released with similar names, WP Member (2 of these), WP Member Site, and a few others.

    Naturally, when someone comes to wordpress.org for support, it is assumed that they are speaking of the free, open source version that is available at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-members/. These commercial plugin authors could save a lot of confusion by using a dissimilar name.

  12. I have to agree that support really is bad. I have had an ongoing issue since day one that nobody can seem to resolve. I am using Paypal to get my payments and the Instant Payment Notification is set to the url that customer support told me to use. BUT Paypal keeps sending out error messages. When I look at the IPN history of a transaction, the IPN is sending it out to a different url address. Should be a simple fix. WRONG. I believe it is in the coding that Smartmediapro is sending to Paypal but I cannot get it fixed. I have submitted numerous request to help with this issue and it still is not fixed.

  13. I recently purchased Wp-Member, which turned out to be a big mistake. This company says they offer support, which they don’t. I paid with paypal, and as such attempted to get a charge back as I received no responses via their included support plan. During the charge back process, the company made up lies and attempted to claim that I tried to FRAUD them with my purcahase of their product. I don’t know what country they are from, but in my country, frauding is generally the opposite of purchasing something legitimately. They will claim they respond to your support tickets, then delete them, give vague responses or just not respond at all. They are extremely unprofessional, rude and just generally bad business people.

    I can’t even comment on the quality of software, I never got that far, but from reading these previous posts, it seems the software sucks to.

    The only redeeming thing about this whole purchase was that I got 25% off, so I am only out 33 dollars. I guess not every company can be a winner.

    For those looking for another solution, Wishlist Member seems to offer a similar product for WordPress.

    /Rant Over.

    PS, I almost forgot, during this whole process they suspended my account… all because I wanted a charge back from their lack of support responses. Seriously one of the most unprofessional companies I’ve dealt with.

  14. “Credit to Eliza, who did, in her credit, really try to help me after that point.”

    I always try and help all customers. Your threats against the company were irrelavant since I had only just started with the company I could hardly have assisted you before. I realise this is a bit like splitting hairs but I would like it noted that all customers who contact me will receive my assistance, support and helpful manner – even before they threaten to take us to trade standards ;)

  15. Dave, one more thing.

    There is hope for your plugin, but I would ditch the customer support ticket nonsense, and redesign the SmartMediaPro.com website from the ground up. Most importantly, I would improve the WP-Member plugin so that it works better.

    Then, after you have made these vitally important changes, you could even charge more for the plugin.

    But Dave, I wouldn’t continue to do business the way you are right now. Rethink everything. Redesign everything.

  16. Dave from SmartMediaPro.com,

    The support for WP-Member was awful. It was only when I threatened to file a complaint with the Arizona chapter of the Better Business Bureau that I was taken serious (I demanded my money back but never got it).

    Credit to Eliza, who did, in her credit, really try to help me after that point.

    However, after two weeks of fighting with your WP-Member plugin, I gave up. I have never touched it since. I don’t recall ever having such a difficult time with any software (including my first experiences with Linux 5.1). That’s what hurt the most – the lost time and anxiety.

    Dave, your SmartMediaPro.com website, and the way you structured your support, seems more concerned with monetization than with customer usability and experience. It’s a terribly frustrating website, and I often waited much longer than 10 hours to get a reply for help. I have been dealing with Paypal for about 10 years, and my issues were always resolved quickly.

    I’m at peace with this whole thing, but I would suggest anyone considering WP-Member (or any product associated SmartMediaPro.com) to look elsewhere. You don’t need the hassle.

  17. Regardless of what Dave says on here, he is one of the internets BIGGEST SCAMMERS! He will deactivate your account without notice and he won’t refund you a penny. Not to mention their customer service is absulutly useless. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

  18. Rinkjustice, have you contacted us about any of the problems you had? Our plugin should not have any problems while installing or running it. We will check any problems you have and isolate the cause. Most problems are caused by remnants in your blog db. Other plugins do not have an uninstall feature and as such, they leave lots of data within your db. The more plugins you have used in the past, the greater the chance of a conflict or error in the future when using a plugin.

    If anyone has any problems, you should immediately contact our support team.

    Is 3-10 hours max really a bad reply time? Paypal take 7 days and Clickbank have been known to take 3 weeks! Our average is just 5 hours!

  19. Brian and Andrew. As you can understand, we test wp-Member with as many combinations of plugins themes and server environments as we possibly can. However, this does not mean everyone will never have a problem. Less than 1% of our customers report any issues. Our support team can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will reply to you within 3-10 hours.
    We do not always need access to your hosting account, but in your case Andrew, you were reporting a problem that we could not replicate. We offered to let you run it on our own servers so that we could see the problem, but you refused. We asked if we could logon to your wordpress site and check your files, but you refused. Faced with this, there was no way for us to troubleshoot your issue.
    Brian, your statement about wp-member and smartmediapro being scam artists is completely unfounded and untrue. We are not at all, otherwise it would be pretty stupid to provide managed support for a scam. We request that you refrain from spreading such lies.
    Andrew, you were unhappy that when you tried to blackmail us, we refused to co-operate. You had threatened that if we did not give you a full refund, you would contact trading standards. However, we had done everything possible to assist you and all you had done was abuse my staff, make threats and not listen to what you were being told. I am sorry if you feel that you were not treated correctly, but I will not have my staff abused when they are trying to assist you.
    If anyone anywhere has any problems with our support, you can contact me directly using [email protected] and I will conduct a full investigation. We have thousands of happy and satisfied customers.
    Our support team are always happy to help wherever they can.

  20. I bought the WP-Member single license and my experience with the product thus far has been plagued with problems. Worse yet, the customer service is reaaaalllly slooooow and the SmartMediaPro website is janky as heck.

    If you’re thinking of buying, don’t. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

  21. Avoid this plugin!

    There site is down and my plugin has stopped working since it can’t call home. This is horrible! I cant offer paid membership because their site is down. If it ever comes back up Im requesting a refund. On the hunt for a new membership plugin.

    It has minimal features and support will only send you in run around until you just give up.

  22. WP-Member and smartmediapro are nothing but scam artists. They installed this plugin for me, but they couldn’t get it to work on my servers so they blamed hostgator, when host gator continued to prove the problem was with the installation smartmediapro disabled my memberhsip code for the plugin, but refused to send a refund. So they have my $100 and I have no plugin. Great. DO NOT but this plugin… Buy Wishlist Member instead.

  23. Thanks for the review, I decided to go ahead and try this plugin out, at first I was wondering about it’s payment gateway options, but I was delighted with the support and allowed me to change it to my prefered one.

    It runs really smooth and I’ve had no real problems with it to speak of, I had a bit of a problem with my host and ioncube but upon contacting my host they sorted it out

    Great plugin..

  24. I have experienced problems with wp-member as well and while unlimited complimentary support was in fact offered, I have to say that I experienced their response to my criticism as inappropriate.
    My personal experience is that to work with them, I would have to be very patient.
    I find it easier to let go of wp-member altogether than to try to sort things out with them. But that’s just me. ;-)
    Anyhow, I have started testing the MemberWing plugin instead and at least for now have been very pleased – no problems whatsoever.

  25. UPDATE:

    After my last post I shot off an email to Dave of WP-Member with the concerns I mentioned. Now remember it is Saturday morning where I am and I not sure where he is but in less than 10 minutes I got a response back.

    This is good. He also said that he has tried to contact the folks here that had issues as well.

    So, I want to make sure that I give people the benefit of the doubt on things as I have had customers that have had issues too but I was never notified so I could not fix them. And if you have customers that have issues, I hope that they contact you so that you can take care of them as well.

    Just wanted to let you know my experience so far. Will post again as we move along. But Dave was responsive which is exactly what you want when you purchase any product.

    And WP-Member is pretty easy to use once you get it installed so far.


  26. Sorry about the double post here but the coffee has not kicked in yet and my spelling brain cells are not awake. :) I too had problems with the install but I finally got a stable version in, but that was before they got bought out a few months ago.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for another Membership solution? I have looked a bunch of them and so far there are no standouts for sure. Too bad about WP-Member..it had potential. Need to do about 10 membership sites and would like to stay with the stability of WordPress.

    Perhaps Dave from WP-Member can respond to this an assure me that I am not going to get dorked around and get mud on my face with my clients.

    If so, I will gladly report my experience back here for everyone to see.

    Thanks for your input!
    Andrew Anderson

  27. I too had problems with the install but finally got a stable version but that was before they got bought out a few months ago.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at to another solution Membership solution? I have looked a bunch of them and so far there are no standouts for sure. Too bad about WP-Member..it had potential. Need to do about 10 membership sites and would like to stay with the stability of WordPress.

    Thanks for your input!
    Andrew Anderson

  28. It seems clear that the plugin is riddled with bugs. Add to that they charge for technical support (which the bugs all but guarantee you'll need) – note Dave never claims this support is included with your purchase price. and they leave out little items such as in order to "fix" problems with their plugin, they require complete access to your site out of the terms and conditions. Lastly, any potential buyers should consider that what Dave classifies as threats is nothing more than a consumer exercising his/her rights and lodging a complaint with consumer protection groups in the US and the UK where the developer is licensed as doing business.

    As always – Buyer Beware!

  29. Matt Blasi, you are offered, as all customers are, full install and setup support as standard. So if you have any issues or problems installing wp-member, please contact our support department who will be more than happy to assist you in the installation and setup of wp-member.

    Loy, you said "Maybe my web server doesn’t have Ioncube? I guess the plugin developer should have included Ioncube in the package to make it easier for users." wp-Member comes with the latest IonCube files required.

    If you have a multi site license, you can add extra IP addresses in your license by separating them with a comma.

    Please visit the support section of our website, or read the wp-member manual linked from our main site sidebar.

    I am frankly shocked that this many people have had problems, yet have not contacted us. Please, I urge everyone who has had or is having a problem to use our support section to find an answer, or contact our support team.

    If anyone thinks they are not getting the support they deserve, please contact me directly by emailing [email protected] and I will personally address your problem.

    Best wishes

  30. Hello, anyone who has any problems at all can contact our support department who will be more than happy to assist.
    Drew, I'm honestly disappointed in your constant threats against us. I refused to get into an argument when you threatened us time and time again and I will not get into an argument here either. It is impossible to assist a user who refuses to let you see the problem, test their site or even run a site on our own servers so we can see the problem. If we can not replicate the problem, we can not solve the problem you are having.

    If anyone at all has any problems, they should contact our support department and our staff will do all they can to assist you.
    I personally designed our support structure to provide blanketed support to all users.
    If anyone has any issues with wp-member, I urge you to contact us via the support section of our website.

    best wishes


    So I tried to see what I could do and no one there wishes to help me get this running unless I decide to pay them. I do not see the sense in buying a solution that should work only to have it not work nd be told I need to pay for support.

    Fact is out of the box there are flaws with the system, they refuse to even consider talking about them unless you pay them and that is piss poor customer service and no way to stand behind a product.


  32. I purchased a single license of WP-Member based in part on this review but I have to say the product has been nothing but a giant disappointment. I have gone through numerous problems, some of which are mentioned above, but the latest is a fatal flaw with the paypal integration that produces an error message that reads "The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again."

    To add insult to injury, it appears the the developers of WP-Member have discontinued the customer support they lauded at the end of March, 2009. Now, if you want help, you have to pay an additional $19.99 for a ticket based system with no guarantee of response time.

    I sent a support request email in several hours ago anyway but unsurprisingly have not heard back from them.

    It seems clear, they are having so much trouble with the product that they can't keep up with support requests. I should have known better but to <em>anyone</em> and <em>everyone</em> reading this comment – <strong>stay away from WP-Member!!!!</strong>

  33. the issue I have while setting this up is that i use the CYC plugin to integrate my login and registration pages into the same look as the website. Because of how the forms are coded it does not give me any real flexibility in how to display the form on the page, even with a ton of CSS it is still limiting.

    The other issue I have is with the extra step of clicking the button to pay for the membership. I do not understand why it could not or would not be set up so that it simply opens a new window to process the payment. The idea of an unnecessary extra step to me is ridiculous. I know this can be done as I have done similar before with other systems.

    Beyond that the idea of making the code inaccessible to those that purchase it to me is another flaw. So it will not work the best way possible but at the same time I cannot make it work better either. How does that make any sense?

    I really feel that Instinct is getting closer to a suitable solution for memberships and with the addition of a few of the features available here they will be more of a full power solution. Currently I only see WP-Member as a stop measure until better comes along.

  34. @elmot – Exploit me? You’re bad! Haha..just kidding. I’ll definitely do what I can to help you with WordPress. ;)

    Okay then. I’ll start writing the draft for that tutorial.

  35. @jan: thanks bro, i think we are on the same side of sentiments, feeling the waters in trying to shift from our blogger platform to wp… and that is why it is only lately that i have been posting my comments here for i felt quite strange at first for most people here are wp users. well, kudos for us bro!

    @jaypee: thanks for your generosity in extending your hand to help us with wp…ill surely exploit it, eheheh!

    yah, hope you can post a tutorial on how to move posts from blogger to wp. :D

  36. @jan – You’re right. Everyone is welcome to interact and join in the discussion here. I do have a lot of posts that talk about WordPress but I make a point that I also share other stuff so that other readers will also have something useful and informative to read. :)

  37. @elmot: Thanks, that will be of great interest to me since I am with blogger too. It’s a little strange at first mingling with the crowd here because most of them are with WP already. But the distinction solely exists in my mind and I learned it doesn’t figure in the interaction around Jaypee’s blog.

  38. @jan – Migrating your blog and exporting your posts from Blogger to WordPress is easy as WordPress has a built-in function that automatically imports your posts.

    Hey, I guess I should just make a post/tutorial about that, don’t you think? :)

  39. @elmot – That’s good to hear. Familiarizing yourself with WordPress before using/installing it is a good idea.

    Feel free to browse through the archives and the WordPress related posts, although some of them might be irrelevant as they pertain to old versions of WordPress.

    If you need any help with WordPress, just let me know and send me a message via the contact page. :)

  40. @elmot: I’m with blogger too. When you finally have made the move to WP kindly write a post about it. I’m very interested about the process of moving. That kind of post I think will be of great interest to fellow blog authors who are considering changing from hosted to self hosted blogging.

  41. thanks for asking. ill be shifting to wordpress soon jayps…ill be running my own site soon and it will be on wordpress… still trying to familiarize myself with platform. for now i am blogging using blogger coz i started with it.

    i will try to look on your previous posts regarding wordpress to learn more. hopefully i could also ask some help from you bro. thanks!

  42. @Lisa – I’ve only tried WP Member on a test blog. I haven’t installed it here because my blog doesn’t have/require membership so I have no use for it.

    You might wanna check out the “What customers have to say page” to see who are the people/sites using, then you can ask them. As their client, if you have any problems with the plugin, you can direct your questions/requests to them.

  43. Does anyone have a good bit of real experience with this plugin? Pretty much all their example sites and the websites of the people on their “reviews” page either don’t seem to use the plugin, the plugin seems to not work, or the login redirect simply takes you to the WordPress Profile page which would totally confuse members. Any real world experience with this plugin??

  44. @Gem – Thanks! Glad to know that this review helped you understand WP Member better. That’s what a review is supposed to be right? :D

    If you wanna use/try this out, let me know and we can try to set it up for you. ;)

  45. Great review! This is exactly the information I need to understand what that wp-member plugin can do.

    I have the plugin ready, but I am not sure if I could run Ioncube. I'm on PHP5, right? I have downloaded v2.1 for PHP5 already but I have not activated the plugin.

  46. @loy – I guess that’s the reason why you got the db errors. IonCube is required to run the WP Member plugin.

    For this review, I asked the help of Dave from WP Member and he setup a blog with IonCube already installed so I can try it out and do the review. :D

  47. If I can remember, I didn’t install Ioncube on the web server on which I used the plugin. Maybe it’s the reason why I got database errors. I have tried installing Ioncube for a PHP script that I used before, and to be honest it was a pain in the neck..hehe!

  48. @loy – Oh yeah, you won the 10-site license right? What database errors did you get? Yes, try to install the latest version. Btw, IonCube comes with the plugin package. The only thing you need to do is install it which is a bit complicated for most users. You can ask your hosting provider to install it for you.

    Regarding the installation in different web servers, you’ll have to ask them about that. I only know a little bit about the plugin. :)

  49. I was one of those who won WP-Member licenses in your Christmas Giveaway contest. I have downloaded the plugin and installed it on a WordPress 2.7 blog. However, there were database errors so I deactivated it. I might try again next time with the newer version of the plugin to see if it works.

    Maybe my web server doesn’t have Ioncube? I guess the plugin developer should have included Ioncube in the package to make it easier for users.

    Another issue is the licensing. I want to install WP-Member on different web servers. There is a form in my membership account that shows the IP address where I installed the plugin. Is it possible to install the plugin on different servers? I haven’t asked support yet, but I guess you might know something. :-)

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