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When people talk about search engines, most people think about Google first then probably Bing or Yahoo next. What most people don’t know is that there are other search engines available on the Internet that can be very useful for finding certain stuff. Some of these search engines are designed to crawl specific types of data – image search engines, video search engines, books search engines or file search engines.

One such search engine is a website called General Files. This website is powered by a unique search engine that allows users to search for specific files – documents, photos, compressed files, videos, etc. and also supports file sharing services and direct links. General Files doesn’t host the individual files on their servers instead, they crawl the Internet for these files, compile them into their database and list it on their website. So basically, they’re doing the hard work by doing the searching for you. All you need to do now is look for it at the General Files website.

The General Files website has a clean, simple and user-friendly interface. Aside from searching and downloading files (download videos for free or download free games), adding other users as friends, users can set up alerts and receive email notification for a specific search keyword. Another benefit of being a registered user is the option to use General Downloader (the native downloading client of General Files and other General World websites) which allows users to bypass many limitations set by file sharing websites.

General Files
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General Files
General Files

For most users, Google Search will always be the first option for finding stuff but in case you still can’t find the files that you’re looking for, you can try out General Files. Since file sharing is supported, it is inevitable to see movies, songs and other copyrighted stuff on General Files. We don’t advocate piracy here on JaypeeOnline so download at your own risk. Be careful with the files you download and don’t forget to scan them with an updated antivirus program to make sure that the file you’re downloading doesn’t contain a virus, trojan or some sort of malware.

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