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paypal debit card

I received my first PayPal Debit Card back in February of 2008. It had proven itself useful lots of times already and I’m very glad that I applied for one. My only regret is that I should’ve applied for it earlier.

A few weeks back, I received an email from PayPal informing me that they will mail me a new card because the one I have was going to expire this month – January 2010. Last week, I got the new card in the mail last week and just in time before my old card expired. First thing I did was to activate it and create a 4-digit PIN number.

Previously, the PayPal Debit Card had the name “Premier BusinessCard” on it but the one I just got doesn’t have it but instead has “Business Debit“. Also, the new PayPal Debit Card also has a new design. Check out the photo I took of the old and new debit cards side-by-side.

paypal debit card
[Card numbers blurred out for security purposes]

Aside from those changes, the new PayPal Debit Card works exactly the same as the old one.

Application Requirements:

  • PayPal user for at least 60 days
  • Should have Premier or Business account
  • Should register credit card with PayPal account
  • Account must be linked to bank account in order to be verified


  • Earn 1% cash back everytime you make a purchase (you have to be enrolled in the PayPal Preferred Rewards Program).
  • 100% protection against unauthorized charges (fraud and theft)
  • No annual fees

The PayPal Debit Card lets you withdraw money from any ATM and make debit purchases with your PIN number. You can also provide a backup funding source and as a security measure, there is a daily limit of $3,000.00 USD spending limit and a $400.00 USD ATM limit.

Its been almost two years now since I blogged about my first PayPal Debit Card and its unfortunate that PayPal account holders in the Philippines and other countries outside the United States still can’t have one. I don’t know if PayPal has any plans of changing that or how long it will take before they make it available in areas outside the US.

If you’re a PayPal account holder in the US and still don’t have a PayPal Debit Card, I strongly suggest that you apply for one. It gives you more purchasing options with your PayPal account, you can earn cash back and there are no annual fees so you have nothing to lose.

Click here to apply for a PayPal Debit Card or to learn more about it.

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  1. i just had rcently applied a paypal account. What banks available there now in the philippines that has paypal? Im thinking of opening a paypal debit account before coming home.I have an account in Banco De Oro(BDO)as saving account.

  2. Paypal SUCKS!!! I had a paypal mastercard for over 5 years. Annually I have been spending about 20k on it. Then I noticed some funny charges and to be safe told paypal to cancel the card and send me a new one. EIGHT WEEKS LATER (today) I call them to see why I still have not received the replacement card.

    Now they claim they do not offer this to Canada anymore!!!! I have used it for such a long time for all my business expenses! What the heck gives them the right to just cancel it when I ask for a replacement? When I first reported the card compromised, they agreed to issue a new card, told me it will arrive within a few weeks and then decide not to issue a new one?? What the HECK??? We Canadians are screwed!!

    Seriously.. I can’t believe how unprofessional they are.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I was getting a 1.5% cashback.. I guess they got so cheap that they didn’t want to pay me $300/year. This is sad.. I will now be using my airmiles card. Also I will now only have less the 100 in my account rather then what I used to have.. Try making interest on that paypal.

  3. Nice article! I’m thinking about signing up for a paypal debit card (I tried a year or two ago, but gave up, not sure why), and I just wanted to know what they require. I have a confirmed bank account (and am thus verified). I know they need a confirmed credit card, for address purposes, and I’ve heard how Paypal is about security, do you think it would be a problem if the first name on the credit card isn’t the same as the first name I signed up with paypal?

    And also, do they require a social security number, or anything else to order a paypal debit card?

    And one more thing, is it possible to use prepaid cards (such as GreenDot) to withdraw money from paypal via bank or something?

    Thanks lol

  4. One of the possible problems that keep Paypal from offering the debit card outside US is the fund localization during transactions.

  5. Can I withdraw money in India using PayPal debit card issued in US? If yes, what are the transaction costs involved? Would really appreciate a response

  6. Can the Pay Pal Card be presented to a bank for a Cash Advance thus offering another way to pull money out of your Pay Pal without fees (looking for way to get past my monthly Pay Pal withdrawal limit without providing a ss number or linking a credit card)

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. My paypal debit card is going to expired in april of this year and i was trying to find out if i need to reapply for a new one or if were going to automatically send us one. I try looking through paypal website, but they way they had everything organize was hard to look for the answer i need.
    Thanks you to, it answered my questions. So the new card looks more professional.

  8. @Jaypee – I have a bank card as well, but I’ll tell ya, don’t sell PP short with that 1% cash back they give…it sounds real small, but I made like $150 last year for doing what I would do anyway; not too shabby. ;)

  9. @Dexter – Yeah I know. It would be nice if they made it available to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and other countries outside the US. Not only will it be easier for users to transfer money but it will also save us transaction fees.

  10. @fjordz – Unfortunately, this is still not available in the Philippines. I’m sure many PayPal users are hoping that they’d extend it to other countries outside the US.

  11. “The PayPal Debit Card lets you withdraw money from any ATM and make debit purchases with your PIN number.”

    That’s a nice feature. By the time it becomes available in the Philippines, I’m just hoping I have something to withdraw from it. LOL

  12. @IngaOz – Migrating to the US just get a PayPal Debit Card? Hehe..I don’t know about that. Its better for you to wait for it. Who knows they might make it available to other countries this year? :D

  13. Oh, I would like to apply for card like this from PayPal, but first I must migrate to USA… LOL So all I have is … wait and maybe they will be available worldwide some day.

  14. @Bhavesh – Hi there! You’re welcome. I’m not sure if its available in India but from what I know, the PayPal Debit Card is only available for account holders in the US. If you find any new information regarding its availability in India, do let me know. :)

  15. Hello Jaypee,

    Thanks for the article. Never tried the debit card of paypal but if I can get one in India, it would be a dream come true for my online purchases.

    Will check it out.

  16. @bugsbane – I don’t think its possible to apply for a PayPal Debit Card outside the US because you will have to fill out an application form where you need to provide your personal information and they will check that. If you don’t have any records in the US then they will deny your application.

  17. @Ederic – Happy New Year to you too Ederic! I’m sure everyone who has a PayPal account in the Philippines would apply for one if only it was available. Btw, I’ve heard about StormPay and from what I know its already shutdown, right?

  18. Happy new year, Jaypee. I’d also be interested in applying for that debit card if PayPal would offer it here. Remember StormPay? Pinatulan ko nga kahit yun, eh. Hehe.

  19. @Jhay – I know huh? I really don’t see why PayPal won’t offer it in other countries like the Philippines? I hope this would change soon.

    Happy New Year to you too dude! :D

  20. @Gem – Yeah, I mentioned about that in my first PayPal Debit Card post. I really hope that it would be made available in the Philippines and other countries other than the US.

  21. @Jhay so how would that work if you used a relative’s US address and used the card only in the Philippines? I assume you already have a Paypal account attached to a Philippine bank?

  22. I hope Paypal debit card becomes available in the Philippines too at cheaper cost. It will save us from having problems making Paypal work with local banks.

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