PayPal Updates Android and iOS Apps

paypal android app

PayPal has just released a new version of their mobile app for both Android and iOS which focuses on creating a smoother user experience for purchasing stuff in local stores and retail shops.

I found out about it earlier this morning while checking out the Google Play Store app. The update not only contains new stuff such as mobile-wallet features but also a new redesigned user interface. I find the new UI to be more pleasing to the eyes as well as more user-friendly than the previous design.

Here is a demo video of the new PayPal mobile app.

paypal android apppaypal android app

paypal android apppaypal android app

paypal android apppaypal android app

paypal android app

With the new PayPal app, you’ll see a new tab called Shop which allows you to locate nearby stores, restaurants and other business establishments that accept PayPal payments. To access it, just swipe left to right. Once you’re in a particular store, you can check-in and choose how you want to pay. After the transaction is finished, you’ll receive a confirmation as well as an email receipt. To view your account balance and backup payment sources, just swipe to the left and tap on the Wallet tab.

I think one of the coolest features added to the new PayPal app is the Order Ahead feature which allows you to make your order and pay in advance. This allows users to save time and avoid long lines. Another cool feature is the ability to view your bill, leave a tip or pay your bill when you check-in using the PayPal app. Some business establishments have PayPal connected to their POS (Point of Sales) system so aside from viewing and paying your bill you can also make additional orders within the app.

The PayPal app also features coupons and offers from different participating stores. If you want to find local offers, just tap on the Shop tab and tap on the magnifying glass icon (upper right corner) and select Places with Offers. You could also look for establishments that allow users to Pay by Phone or Order Ahead.

I really like the new look and cool features of the PayPal app. With these new features and more establishments supporting PayPal payments, I think I’ll be using my smartphone more often to buy stuff instead of my PayPal debit card. How about you guys? Anyone else tried the new PayPal app for Android or iOS? Please share your thoughts.

Get the PayPal mobile app for Android or iOS.

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