PayPal Advantage

PayPal Advantage

Got an email yesterday from PayPal welcoming me to their new priority service program called PayPal Advantage. Previously, this priority service program was exclusively available to users who’ve spent more than $5,000 with their PayPal accounts in the past 12 months but now, they’re opening this service to other active PayPal users.

Users who are enrolled to the PayPal Advantage priority service program enjoy exclusive benefits and perks like – priority customer support, faster dispute resolution, exclusive events, member savings, special rewards and many more.

PayPal Advantage Benefits


  • Dedicated Support Agents – Your calls to PayPal Customer Service will be answered by our most senior US-based customer
    service specialists.
  • Faster Dispute Resolution – Our agents provide you with dedicated support to fast track your disputes to resolution.


  • Exclusive Events – Meet key members of the PayPal team as well as fellow Advantage members at exclusive events.
  • PayPal Advantage Live (New) – Experience all the ways you can use PayPal and hear about our future plans.
    Stay tuned for upcoming cities and dates.
  • Members-Only Community (Coming Soon) – Connect with other PayPal Advantage members, post & vote on ideas you have
    For us, and participate in Ask the PayPal Expert sessions.
  • Member E-Newsletters – Stay informed on special deals, upcoming events, industry trends, and insider tips.
  • Member Spotlight – Read about our most inspiring Top Customers as they share their stories with the world.


  • More Ways to Use PayPal (New) – There are many ways to use PayPal beyond checkout. Every month we’ll give you an extra reason to try a new way to use PayPal. Find out this month’s reward.
  • Student Accounts (New) – Set up a recurring allowance for a new or existing Student Account and receive $15 cash
    back into your PayPal account. Learn more terms.
  • Promotion Previews – Hear about seasonal offers before anyone else.
  • Special Rewards – Receive rewards like cash back offers or merchant discounts.

I am a very active PayPal user as I use my PayPal account and PayPal Debit Card not only for work but also for personal stuff. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had any problems with PayPal since I joined them and I hope it stays that way. Nevertheless, its good to know that I would get priority customer support in case I have any problems and also enjoy other exclusive benefits and rewards with the PayPal Advantage program.

Anyone else who got the same email from PayPal? For other PayPal users, what do you think of PayPal Advantage? Is it something that you will use or something you think that will benefit you as a PayPal user? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. What does one have to do to be invited to things like this or to be sent coupons by eBay or PayPal? I’ve shopped and sold on eBay since 1998 and I think I might have received maybe 2 penny ante coupons…not worth the trouble to use, but I hear others talk about these big deals all the time! As far as the eBay protection, it sucks! I had a package from Phoenix not show up and went thorugh the whole process…lots of items…lot of time, but because UPS said they delivered, PayPal denied my claim. When I reminded the seller that UPS needs express permission to leave a package without a signature, and that each UPS driver is outfitted with a GPS device and has to tell me exactly where he was when he dropped off the package, all of a sudden, I get a full refund. Of course, Phoenix had to say to me “We refunded your money even though PP denied your claim”; yea, I’m sure that is the reason!

  2. John @ Bacolod Bloggersays:

    Thanks for notifying sir jaypee! its been awhile since I was able to visit your blog. Will actually look into this latest offering from paypal first thing when time allows.

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