vlc iphone
Freeware Mobile

VLC Media Player for iPhone/iPod Touch

VLC or VideoLAN Client Media Player is my number one favorite media player because it is open source, it is cross-platform (can be installed on almost any operating system), it can play almost any type

wibiya new dashboard

New Wibiya Dashboard

Wibiya has recently launched a new dashboard design and layout for all Wibiya Toolbar users. The new design and layout enables users to easily see the activity and user engagement on their toolbar – who’s

malwarebytes anti-malware

HowTo: Manually Update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

One software that I always install on my personal computer or recommend to family and friends is Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – a free malware removal tool. It’s also one of the programs I use to fix/clean

tweet nest
Freeware Social Media Social Networks

Tweet Nest – Browsable, Searchable & Customizable Twitter Archive

I’m not sure if you still remember Like it? Tweet it!, but it’s a widget I blogged about a few months back that lets blog or website visitors share online content to Twitter with customized

boomerang gmail
Firefox Freeware

Organize and Schedule Emails With Boomerang for Gmail

Gmail’s built-in filters, labels and the recently launched Priority Inbox help users who receive a boatload of emails on a regular basis to easily organize and manage their Gmail Inbox. However, there are still instances

google chrome poster
Freeware Internet

Google Chrome Turns 2, New Stable Version Released

It was exactly two years ago this month, when Google released the first beta of Chrome, their version of the web browser. Since then, Chrome have accumulated numerous features, browser themes, password manager, better privacy

Freeware Internet

Reinvigorate Now Open To The Public

A few months after the new BETA was released – Reinvigorate, the real-time web analytics service that I’ve been using the past 3 years is finally out of BETA. I have been a private beta

Freeware Internet

Best Free Icon Search Engines

Icons play a vital role in the visual aesthetics of any blog, website and web or desktop application. Web designers/developers are not the only ones who look for and need icons. Even bloggers and everyday

blackberry protect
Freeware Software

RIM Releases BlackBerry Protect

Good news for BlackBerry users! Now you don’t have to worry about losing your BlackBerry device or having it stolen even if you have all your personal or business information on it. A few days

google voice
Freeware Mobile

Google Voice Now Open To Everyone

Are you familiar with or have heard about Google Voice? It’s Google’s web-based platform for managing communications which they previewed last year. It enables the user to manage all their phones with just one number